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How important is maturity?


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How are you people?

I wanted to consult with you about the topic of matriculation,

Will a person without a matriculation certificate really fail in life? If I do not have a matriculation certificate I can not get a job with a high salary?

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If you do not have a matriculation certificate it negatively indicates you

People who are very talented in a particular field will succeed even without maturity and many times more than those who have a matriculation certificate

If you are a great programmer for example you do not need a mere maturity and a chance to show off your talents

But if you are a normal person without extraordinary talents then yes you need a matriculation that makes it easier for you to enter the university

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Still, he answered the question.

It is possible to "succeed in life" (whatever it is) without maturity. Everything is possible in life. Everything is a matter of probability. Without maturity, the probability of "succeeding in life" is lower. Education has a yield. More education - higher return, on average.

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