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Install the Xeon X5460 processor on the P45 board

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After a few nerve-wracking hours, I fully installed my 2 gaming PCs.

The idea was to balance the system and give some more processing power to my old system.

I upgraded from Q9300 to X5460 processor, which is currently running at 3.8GHZ, and comes with 12MB treasure.

First I had to completely disassemble the computer. The SAGITTA 2 case was not so friendly, and the back plate of the MUGEN 2 had to be removed.

After cleaning the thermal paste, the picture would look like this:


The next step was to cut the side plastics in the processor socket so that the Xeon processor could be installed.

This is done carefully using a Japanese knife.

On the first computer I performed this one of the processor pins was raised, and had to be returned to the place carefully ...


I put the cooling back on and connected the computer.


This is where the exhausting part of starting the computer started.

It took him a while to get up, and then he wasn't ready to load the operating system.

I thought the hard drive was screwed, so I tried to play with the hard disks, even brought a clean install disk of 7 and 8 repair disk, but it all crashed.

Apparently, what I had to do was edit the motherboard BIOS to support the XEON processors. Once done, the computer works smoothly.


In the end, it is recommended, but only for those who know what he is doing and willing to take risks.

PS: It is also necessary to paste an adapter on the back of the processor, which usually comes with the above processors (for those who buy from abroad)

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Finding LGA775 processors today is not a very difficult task, and if such a processor is paid more than the NIS 400 area, it might be better to simply find Q9X00 at the same price (many have reached the 3.5GHZ frequency without much effort).

Still, feel free to share links to bios editor sources for those who are interested.

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Quote of BenSmall Brown

@Or Cohen I have read the 7 operations + 6 of the dvr30 user, can you explain to me in Hebrew what to download and what to do with it?


two things - 

A. It would probably be better to just send a private message, don't see any point in bouncing this discussion (I've been with the X5460 for two years?

B. Let's make it easy for you. Give me the model of your motherboard, and I'll make you a bio for recording. How does that sound? (I've already made a few friends here on the forum)

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