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Average wages and the importance of experience


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I have a friend who took Bryce Bryce (if I'm not mistaken) course developers . He says that the course started with 50 ~ and passed the final test only 8 ~.

So that the name of the studies is not that easy either, or that the human material there is less targeted.

You are 23,

I would advise you to go to Yoel Geva, do 5 math, physics, physics, and psychometric tests and get accepted to the University of Be'er Sheva.

Perhaps to do the mathematical courses at the opening, so that you will reach the first year, devoid of some of the mathematical courses.

This will make it easier for you to have a year and a degree at all. Which will increase your chances of passing the degree.

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Schools like John Bryce or Hakirio have been opened for business reasons, they fill the market need for shortcuts that will put you in high-tech and earn money.

There are no shortcuts.

It's like the Chinese sellers in eBay who sell a dollar- To the RCA.

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But how will I gain experience if you do not look at the resume because I do not have any prior experience and experience in the field?

(I have home knowledge but extensive technical skills And handling hardware / software malfunctions, but without certification it is "not considered")

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Man, start working. You will gain experience and see how this world looks from within.

No one is interested in all kinds of beautiful, colorful papers you have received from a college.

Do you know how to repair computers? It's much more than nothing.

Every job at Desk requires it at least.

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My advice,

Decide what job you want ... for example, a technician who installs / installs computers.

You'll be harassed by phone and you'll actually get to the stores with resumes in the bag but do not take them out. Stick and laugh with the guys at the place and make connections. Even if today you do not have a role they might think of you the following week.

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You will distribute your resume in RUNNER Say you were dealing with computers in the army. Even if you were not in the computer, you would help everyone with such things. Send your resume every day to All Jobs. And information security, a CCNA expert.

Know a friend who did the course and earns well Take into account that he was in the position of manager In Marmar, it did not mean that he had a lot of experience but certainly helped

The best thing to do is check the requirements for the position you want to apply for

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copy paste? I'm talking about the fact that now I was trying to get into the starting positions of high-tech before college, HD technician .., almost all places asked me if I have any certification MCITP course etc., what I did in the army. The publication of my resume at AlJobs and RUNNER was my way of getting the job done.

As for my course, I know a personal friend who did the course and recorded his experience.

Do not know which job interviews you went to but almost everywhere require a course or experience, most people are not able to learn alone ..

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What are you laughing at and what I've written him lol how to post a CV ?? Maybe it's really better to go through a door door ?, I told myself how I found work from personal experience. And I told him about a course that a friend took and found a good job with an excellent starting salary .. I do not know where you live but almost everyone requires some kind of course or experience

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