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Which computer course is best recommended today ???


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I do not have the ability to study a degree, and that's something I do not want

I'm not looking for work in the sun or in the rain or have to stand on my feet from 9 to 5

But to sit on a chair in the office and do something that something I'm looking for : Cheesy:

The first sentence and the next two are opposites. If you want a good office job, you need a degree or seniority in any company (in order to be accepted you need a degree and / or protections).

It is worth going to these courses only if the company you work with sends you to them at her own expense. Relying on them to get accepted into society is not a particularly smart idea, just to cover their cost you will have to work a lot of time (since the salary you receive will be a minimum or not far away).

You continue to ask what we recommend when you do not understand that the field of work you choose according to what you love, not us. The only recommendation we can give is to go to a degree because at least it will raise your chances of getting accepted to a place that does not require physical work or shifts. There are a lot of people like you in the market, there is no reason for a company to take someone who has no experience / protections / degree relevant. You are not special, there is no reason for the company to favor you at the moment.

So in your case, in my opinion, you have 2 options - or really choose a domain you like and make a degree related to it (the one you give up, says you will not get anywhere - even for minimal work under the conditions you want right now) The most basic thing that can be like customer service, and if you will be good - as the years go by. It also applies to small self-learning about computers and hardware, and then an attempt to be accepted into one of the computer stores.

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From what I read the correspondence here, I really do not understand what you want.

But according to your approach I can recommend you to look for work in a local authority or government institution.

Computers are not the domain for you.

Have everything you choose!

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