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Psychometric integration and full-time work?


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Hi friend..

I would like to consult with you regarding the psychometric exam, I need to improve my 50-60 point in psycho in order to be accepted to CS in Tel Aviv.

Do you think it is possible to combine a psychometric course (Yoel Geva) with a full-time job? 8-9 normal work hours of the day and two days a week Psycho course from 5 and a half to 10 and a half a night, is it possible or is it now to give up on it and think only a psychometric?

I just seem to be able to get into a good company with a good salary and I'm pretty stuck here in the middle, trying to figure out how to combine ... you think?

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I was discharged from the army last March. My psychometric score was 661. I work at a preferred job that I started about a week after the liberation. The job is full-time, I'm absent from home between 10-12 hours a day.

During the work, about two months before the date of July, I decided to take the exam in order to try to improve the score. I rehearsed the study material a little, did one simulation, and went over. I managed to get to the 706 score. It is possible. The question is whether you need to improve the level of knowledge required to pass the exam, or that the "unsatisfactory" score is the result of something else, such as lack of concentration in the exam, stress, stress, etc. On these questions only you have answers my friends.

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The simulations were much higher, + - the score I needed, and I kept the test conditions properly at home (times, marking answers etc.)

I did not feel pressure, there was no blackout or lack of concentration (perhaps only towards the end that the brain was already "fried" : s07:) But in the end, the grades in each part of the exam were significantly lower, because of that I have no idea if it is a problem of lack of knowledge or anything else .. I have problem with the subject.

What would you do for me?

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Not doing another course.

If you get high scores in simulations, there is no reason why you should not get them in the real test (I got a point more than the last simulation I made in the psychometric exam despite a serious mistake in the real test)

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My only fear is this, correct me if I'm wrong

The next time I can take a test is December. That is, answers in January, this month opens the registration for universities for the next school year (2015) is closed around April (?) According to what I understand.

If I was knocked out again in December, the next test I could do was in April.

This is the answer in May and in terms of the university I am under a late registration and the receipt is not certain that the university should make a sweeping decision that everyone who is late checked in or not, and this is not always the case.

Is not that a risk? It is better to go to a course and give everything so that no situation will happen if I do not enter the next school year ... unless I was wrong at the time of registration

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It seems that first of all you have to decide whether you want a course or not.

A psychometric course mainly gives you a framework if it is difficult for you to set goals and times for yourself.

A combination of even more work requires diligence and self-discipline.

You know yourself - if you have a "ass" and you can sit without someone telling you and do it between work shifts - I think you will succeed. (And if you want to go "for sure" and do a course - think if it works out well with good hours earlier)

If you are afraid to dissipate under work and study together (a course or self-study) you will leave the job for the time being.

In any case I really agree with what is written here - there is no reason for anyone not to accept as in his simulations.

And something else - no matter what you decide, I know how you look at life now and sure you should take advantage every month - but believe me nothing will happen if you start studying a year or two later

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A friend advised me to do the evening course combined with work. This creates a framework that forces me to study at times that are left out of work because otherwise I will not be able to do everything.

It looked good, and I also read that you could take the exam in April and still get into the next school year if you do not go well in December, I can always quit and do a morning course as planned for April, is not it?

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I am currently doing a course in Yoel Geva (morning)

I can tell you that as one who does not work, I do not see how anyone can learn and work together.

To do the right homework (answering the answers, researching answers that have not been successful, memorizing approaches, vocabulary, etc.) it takes a lot of time and practice.

In any case it will be successful!

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  • 5 months later ...

Great man.

If you have already jumped, I will inform you that I did the psychometric exam for the second time and I took a full-time job during the evening classes at Yoel Geva and managed to get the desired grade. I get what I wanted everywhere, so it's possible.

And the teacher was awesome and high, he recommends.

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