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How can you learn to learn?


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Hello. I'm a soldier who at school prepared homework maybe 10 times, and studied for the test also possibly 5-10 times in all his 12 years of schooling. I have to start learning, and I have no idea how to learn at all. I do not prepare any technique for studies, I do not have learning habits at all. Not to mention self-discipline - let's sit and learn without having to peek on the phone or go into Walla any 5 minutes. I have no idea how I'm supposed to survive this way at university, and I want to acquire learning habits. How do you do that?

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Listen, the truth is that I am exactly in the same situation (I improved one tablet and now I am learning a second ..) I do not know about you, but it's very hard for me to study at home, because as you wrote there are a lot of distractions. So I stay at the base in the evenings (open base) and there is no dog at the base so I just sit and learn that I have no other bear to do.

It is also very important that you create a workspace for you. For example, in the room you will have a table that will only be for study, put a nice lamp and be clean and tidy .. it is very! assistant!

I'm just about to be released and when I do not have the felt of the base, I just thought I'd go out to study outside (in some quiet public park) or in the library ... There's nothing to do We must detach ourselves from the temptations (consider not even taking the cell phone with you the first few times ...)

If you get new ideas I'd love to hear !!!

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Try, try and try.

Sit on your ass and study. At different times, in different situations. Some of the time went down the drain (even a lot) "It's something you have to put up with." You will learn what is right for you and what is less suitable for you. Not necessarily also having a winning formula, there could be some people who are harder to learn and they will simply waste 2X hours on every X hours a human being with "optimal" capacity will waste.

I just did not learn in high school. After the army I grew up and just forced myself to sit and study. In the end, something happened.

The most important thing is to make a change in your mind that says "This is something I have to do - and everything else is of secondary importance to it." If necessary, give up a new game that can distract, give up ports and so on. To devote time to this and not to other things, along with the concessions that must be made.

I really like to study alone in my room - but the computer can very distract. Sometimes I would just hang up his cable, so you could not open it every second.

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First of all relax, your situation is no different from the situation of others then your situation is not terrible :)

Sit down and learn is a very sucks but you have to do it and you need to find what motivates you and stick to it - like for example you want to finish this degree to fulfill X dream etc.

For example, my motivation is that I just want to know the material and I want to prove that a guy like me can do a degree.

so what are we doing? First of all LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! Some people find it convenient to study in the library, some people find it convenient to study in their room at home and there are people who find it convenient to study in the basement of the building.

Everyone finds the place where he is comfortable learning. For example, I go around the university every day and find myself empty classrooms to sit in for hours because there are no computers there and there are no annoying people there!

Second, I made myself a simple table at the WORD where I wrote down all the submission dates and just put in what to learn every day. For example I have a job to submit on Thursday then days Tuesday to Thursday are dedicated to the material of work and deafening.


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It also depends on the university and for what purpose you learn.

For example, there are people who do not study all the semester and then towards the tests they find older people who know what questions the specific lecturer likes to ask and they are especially prepared for the type of questions he asks. This is even more obvious when there is little connection to the homework, the material being studied, and the questions on the test.

So if you want to offer a high average you have to study with old people.

If you want to improve your thinking then do all the homework on your own. At first you may find it difficult and you will need to help older students who give lessons, but if you invest in the end you will be able to solve all your homework yourself.

Truth The test is ultimately the least important part of your studies if you do not relate to the grades.

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