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Do not disconnect UPS voltage installation Voltage drop "Lightning protector"?


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Adir, glad to hear that we paid a fair price.

Things have worked out for me as well.

Today, after two weeks of lack of communication between me and Sagiv, he sent me the receipt with an apology for the late delivery.

From what we see, things may be delayed, but in the end they happen.

I wish the same with the rest

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Can you please review the new model for Weisbord (the old one was the red "Lightning and Thunder Plus") called "Super Guard".

Does the innovator also have protection from a rise and fall like sleep? I noticed that lazolim only have stress reduction and not an increase ...


Image result for Guard Guard


Binary, can you please also make it?

I am willing to buy a unit and open it if necessary and can give an opinion.



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Hello friends,


After weeks I get up Of 3 shields (a waste of hundreds of shekels I will explain later!) I would be very happy to know your opinion on the quality of the components inside.


You know that it is almost impossible to open the shields of the type I raised, they have different special bits in the shape of a kind of triangle, even after I bought a special set of sealant (130 shekels!) He opened only one screw out of 6. In the end only with a drill I drilled the screws and opened all The devices. Of course and they are unsuitable for use and are only meant to be uploaded here And get explanations (more 200 shekel! :-))


There are 3 adapters:




And the new Wysbord (I removed the sticker I'll give her example after that)


What do they think?









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