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A course for family economics


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Hello everyone,

I contacted several institutes that offer the course, but none of them in Jerusalem.

Does anyone have information about such a course taking place in Jerusalem?

If in the end I will have to compromise and travel once a week to Tel Aviv for a few months to study, I hesitate between the Redlich Institute and Lash Lidor Pelossof.

The first is cheap with 10,000 from the other, but the second one is also issued with a certificate of trainers in addition to the advisor's certificate for the family economy.

In addition, Bradlich's attitude was very courteous, and Philosoff's educational counselor treated me like a little boy (I'm 23) and advised me "gently" to wait a few years and then go back to them.

I'd love to read

  • Opinions about the course itself
  • The specific institutes I have written about
  • About the possibilities it opens
  • And can it really be studied in Jerusalem?

Thank you very much to all the commentators.

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The immediate goal is to make a living from the field, such as a tax consultant.

The larger goal is to establish a company specializing in the field.

All this from a place where people really deserve advice, help and direction with the money they usually work on very hard.

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These are two different areas. Academic economics deals with the "general market" and the course I am talking about deals with the individual economy that affects, in my opinion, much more than the economic and general life of man.

However, I do not rule out economics studies in an academic track, but this is for another discussion.

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