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Computer Studies

watch out

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First I'm a 30 son I've studied a mcitp course and not work in the field

I connect to computers, so I seriously considered studying a computer course

I'm going to go for this course

what do you think?

[h = 1]The comprehensive course for software testers preparing to certify ISTQB - manual testing and automation certification[/ h] What are my chances of finding a job in this field when I was not working in the field?

Will not the course be difficult for me?

I realized there was demand

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I have general knowledge of computers that I have purchased over the years through the forum, such as software, technical support

I understood that if you want to integrate into work you have to prove that there is knowledge

If I do not know what to accept?

It's true that I'm an 30 son without a degree and do not know what to do : Cry:. To this day I have worked in a job that I did not like, like security, and I have a desire to work in another field

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I understood that if you want to integrate into work you have to prove that there is knowledge

This is true for any job.

Let me tell you a personal detail. I'm also 30 (and already 31).

The thoughts you write here may have been thoughts I had at the age of 16, but certainly not after I was discharged from military service at the age of 23 and started trying myself with things that could bring me personal satisfaction.

I went through several roles and types of work environments that are all related to computers until I found myself with the direction I wanted to focus on.

These are things you do in your early twenties (and maybe sooner if you did not have compulsory service law in our country) and not now. So I ask again (without any scorn) - what bothered you to work in the field to this day?

You do not need nice paper with a big signature to do most of the jobs that fall under a system or QA umbrella and programming. It's not like a lawyer / doctor / architect etc. You need a qualified work permit.

All the talented people in the industry are autodidactic in nature.

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I'm glad you're not dismissive. I did not send my resume to the right place, so I have not been involved in the field until now

I sent and sent to places of work that did not answer me

It turned out that I did not know what to do yet because I had no experience in the work

In addition I did a course of administration College for one year

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