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A bachelor's degree in Computer Science from HackerU College.


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Hello everyone, I want to study for a bachelor's degree in computer science, but I have heard that this title has a lot of mathematics at least 80 and the truth is that I am relatively weak in mathematics.

The Open University has dropped completely because I am weak in mathematics and the studies are independent studies and in short it is not for me according to what I know myself. I do not have a matriculation certificate and a psychometric exam. , But I saw that it is possible to study for a bachelor's degree in computer science at HaKoker YU College, without a psychometric exam and without a matriculation certificate, and the degree is relatively easy because there is not much math like the rest of the institutions, the degree is B.Sc but is not recognized by the Council for Higher Education If I can find a job after completing my degree, and whether institutions are Will YETK take this title?

It should be noted that I am deliberating between this degree and a single course in programming, which are the only two options that allow me according to my level of difficulty.

I would be happy to receive an opinion on this title and also to hear about someone who studied this degree at Hacker College yo ...

Link to degree - http://www.michlalot.co.il/hackeru/B.Sc-IUBL.php

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It's not a title. It's just a course.

After you do it you get credits at IUBL University, and you have to complete the degree through it.

Even after you complete it, all you have is a certificate of an institution that is not recognized in Israel. how fun.

You will be a walking cliché like the Russians who were "brain surgeons in Russia" and here they are security guards at the mall.

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Why did you decide at the Open University that all this is self-study?

There are classes for almost every course, lectures and exercises.

And, many people without a mathematical background have done degrees in computer science and have passed. Everything can be learned.

What's more, you sound like someone who wants to program because "high tech has money" and you do not really like it, so you probably will not be a good programmer and you will not get a lot of money in high tech.

From here, I agree with Gil28 and think it's not for you and agree with multicore that you'd better do a course in programming language of your choice before you invest time / effort / money in the title.

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