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Enter the high-tech field


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Why not high-tech?

He can be fun with the experience of a network administrator for IT positions in high-tech companies.

Now we have to make a separation -

To reach the servant Or a managerial position or just a senior position in a high-tech company needs a more serious degree.

But to work as an IT or other supporter (for example, in QA issues), it is sometimes enough to have a few years of experience in the field and a certificate of study of courses on the subject.

Just as you can be a graphic designer / buyer in a high-tech company without a degree in the field.

Of course, salary issues, conditions, interest, etc. are also directly related to the type of job. A developer and IT supporter will not receive similar salaries because their type of work is completely different.

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In short, high-tech is a field. As a service and as an industry. There are equal jobs at the heart of the field, , Management, marketing and there are jobs in the envelope like managing computers in a company or providing data typing services.

Most equal jobs do not come without a degree, nothing to do, that's the standard today.

So in my opinion, if you want to work in a real high tech and not as a supporter of someone who does it, you'd better go to a relevant degree at the university.

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