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Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University


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Hi, people, someone here studied at Bar Ilan Computer Science or knows something and can tell me how the studies there?

At the moment, all the universities in Bar-Ilan are the only ones I can accept, and I'm not at the head of doing a year preparing for Ben-Gurion and then maybe going to study, and I'm not interested in colleges.

Thank you.

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Here's a tip that worked for me:

You can be admitted to the Hebrew University with an identity card for mathematics (because no sane person will only learn mathematics)

Do all the required courses of computer science for the first and second years and then ask the computer science office to transfer you to the computer science department.

They will discuss the request and will usually approve it if they see that you have reasonable grades

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Bar-Ilan asks for a minimum of 620, and the agreement in Ben-Gurion is high (700 for the DMA).

But after searching I discovered quite a few unflattering responses to Bar Ilan, although most of them were a few years ago but still ..

I am also interested in how Tel Aviv Academic College, I understood that this is an extension of Tel Aviv University, is there any truth in this? Is it considered something after school?

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