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Consultation on an undergraduate degree


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I wanted to know what is being taught in industry and management?

What is the difficulty level?

Is it necessary to have a mathematical / physics head for such a degree?

I'm interested in doing a practical engineer at first and after tomorrow an engineer.

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To learn practical engineering, it takes two years to study a day and three years for evening studies

And if you finally want to learn to be an engineer it might take you a year off

So that it comes out that the studies take a long time to go straight to study engineering to close a story

The management industry has a lot of math and other things in this style, it is not a degree with a superficial level of study.

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Industrial and management engineering includes many courses in engineering and science (physics, electricity, mathematics, computer science and machinery), but these are introductory courses or at most, second-year courses in a limited manner.

In the end, you come out with a very broad but superficial knowledge of people who have made deliberate titles.

In terms of how the labor market sees graduates I do not have too much to say. But no doubt you will lose every job interview against people who have earned a degree in the specific profession (regardless of experience)

If you know which area you want to go to, I strongly recommend that you do a specific degree

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I do not want to insult anyone or tread on my toes, but at the Technion everyone knew that industry and management was the easiest title in the entire university (including the students of industry and management themselves).

We would laugh and call them a tale and a walk :)

As I say above, the degree includes many introduction courses, and the mathematics and physics courses were of the least difficulty if I remember correctly.

Which is not to imply that I am lowering the value of the degree, even if it is relatively simple relative to electrical engineering or machinery, it is an excellent degree and prestigious, and I think you should go to a direct track and not make a stop in the title of practical engineer.

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Industrial and Management The Technion has two tracks,

One is subject to the Faculty of the Arts and is not at all easy and includes courses in mathematics and high-level computers,

The second under the Faculty of Industry and Management and is easier and similar to the description written in the post above.

The advantage is that you can start on the difficult track and at any time switch to the easy route without any procedure, the transition is immediate.

This gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself with a comfortable escape route if necessary.

Only the question that arises is whether you have already gone to the difficult track, so why not dishonest?

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