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Where do people start looking for NAS?


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Hello .. I am looking for candles for someone who will launch the operation and settings of NAS. Where do I start looking for someone like this who is willing to make settings on a new NAS theory of payment course ..


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I do not understand much about it, I bought it for some project that did not go through and now I'm stuck with NAS at the New Shekel 3500

I was thinking of using it for something else, but I need someone who understands it, but I really understand. That I would eat those definitions without salt.

I do not have high demands but someone who understands and knows how to tick things without getting in trouble.

I've been looking for over two months and can not find people like that. Where do I start looking?

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I did not succeed because I did not try in advance, where I do not understand I will not enter.

I have a NAS of EMC XP6-300D system in Hebrew.

I have to partition drives, assign them to users, allow outside access (not from a computer network) to some people who can download mostly And documents.

And the possibility that I alone can reach this NAS from anywhere in the world ...

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You also have it, suppose it is very similar if not the same (not familiar with the interface of Lenovo)

Search for more on YouTube. And as they brought you the PDF of the device, it is very easy.

And if you say that you have it in Hebrew then it should be easier for you.

It's like knowing New, whether it's on your PC or on your phone. trying.

If you do not try, you will not know, and in the end you'll say you've come out of a maze that you did not try because it's really easy.

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