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A dispute between two studies of JS certificate


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We (at least) just want to open the discussion and will understand that probably after such a course is No JavaScript knowledge, certainly not enough to get a good job (if at all).

Just do not fool himself.

He will get a general idea of ​​what JS is and what can be done with it.

This is not a substitute for the work he will have to invest At home, And write One, two, or ten until it gets really dirty on JS.

Have a lot of luck! Just remember that there is no substitute for real work in your hands!

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First of all thanks for all the comments

I want to put another question here. If I choose another field, such as BIG DATA. What are the chances of finding a job after one external course (for example, the John Bryce course: Or home schooling? Is this an area that I should consider more than JS?

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I recommend that you explore what "big data" means and how much it is to understand the answer to your question.

In case you did not understand, it's sort of like taking any course that will train you to engage in engineering.

post Scriptum

These courses are a waste of your time and money. If you do not have the ability to self-study, do not get into this illusion that after a few weeks / months you'll get all the knowledge you need to write code without having to learn one more day. Also do not try to convince yourself that all this is only for the initial acquaintance, and that when you have the basics you can go on alone ...

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