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How to turn HOT Hot box into modem only and configure tplink router?


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Hello everyone ,

I purchased the tclink's archer c8, yesterday I moved HOT BOX For bridge mode, I connected the router's 1 port to the router's "internet" port, and I named it as LT2P. In the domain I entered, I entered a user name and password.

The router can not connect to the Internet, what did I do wrong?


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You do not need any hot service and do not pay them for nothing.

What speed is your connection eager?

At any speed above the 30 mega connection is without a dialer, so no need to set dialer .T2P

100 Mega

So just move to the bridge mode and to the dynamic IP router?

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Okay, I got on my mistake, I'll write down here in case someone gets into the same scenario.

So what is needed is to turn the hottbox into a modem only, you do not need any service and no representative (after a conversation with them they do not understand anything by themselves), connect to the hubbox and do an application bridge only mode.

Then, as mentioned connect the router to the modem (connect the WAN or As it is called on the router) and choose dynamic IP.

The important thing here is to make a clone mac address, because as stated here the connection is without a dialer and is associated with a specific MAC address.

Beyond that is another last tip, if you happen to want to turn the modem back into position You do not need to call the service and nothing (the representative I spoke to did not know it either), you can just press the reset button for 10 seconds and the modem returns to But with factory defaults.

Thank you all for your help.

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Just a little clarification.

When for any reason the Hootbox REST (which can happen once every few months), when it costs back it connects to the servers of And receives from them the configuration that is defined there.

So if at He is defined as a router, he will return to being a rafter, and if he is defined as a modem, he will return to being a modem.

So the right way is to make the changes through To avoid glitches later, that override settings is just a detour but it's not the right solution.

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