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Fallout 4 too hard? Or I'm missing something


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I've been playing the game for a few hours and it just makes me sick to take down high-caliber shotgun or shotgun cartridges into the faces of enemies without a shield from point-blank range and it moves them like I've blown a pimple on their faces ... It's annoying because of the lack of realism The absolute.

Even if my weapons are not so upgraded, it still does not make sense that everyone will be so miserable when they kick me out of all directions!

I also have a bug in the security system that every time I upload it it seems like I've got a second of the spot I saved and then as I start moving I grab a grenade or a Molotov cocktail in my face or the enemy is already in front of me.

Does that make any sense?

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It is true that this is not a really casual game that everything dies with one shot. You can always download a difficulty level, attach you to a companian like a dog

Or Preston or replace a strong rifle with scope (and invest in upgrades) and point to the head ;). Hope the tips will help.

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I play on very high difficulty (one before the end), at first nothing dies and no matter how many times you shoot him in the face, it's pretty terrible. But relatively quickly it passes, as soon as you find a few things a little better and logically improve the weapons and raise some difficulty balancing.

I also have a bug in the security system that every time I upload it it seems like I've got a second of the spot I saved and then as I start moving I grab a grenade or a Molotov cocktail in my face or the enemy is already in front of me.

The game is saved exactly when you save, and it loads exactly to the same point, but what happens is that although the save is completely loaded, for you everything is still black and then there is such a fade in to the scene from the game. It takes a second or two, and if you save at an ideal moment, the second one knocks you all the save.

The thing is that the game actually loads right away, you can overcome this cruise - load the game and press tab or i sometime between the screen charging to the black screen ... after a few times you will understand where this point is - what will happen when the game finally will be good to display Go to the real frame rather than a black screen so you'll be pausing in the pip boy, and it will be exactly at the point you saved without the lag delay.

One of the shocking bugs, but at least there is something to do and it does not ruin the save completely ... to be healthy ...

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It turns out that the robbers in the factory (or whatever) were easy to kill.

With the energy weapon you find really early in the game that makes 33 damage, and in combination with Q, it's a tactical game with the enemy.

Very simple to perform.

You have to check how you can upgrade this weapon.

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What I have to look for so south.

I have more important and important tasks at the moment.

First and foremost to establish a broadcasting antenna.

I have no problem with flying bees that kill you with a few quick bites.

Or I quickly eliminate them as they approach me, or I avoid them.

They fall in one or two shots.

It's a Western.

Need occasional martial-style scenes.

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I had a CRANK GUN I really liked.


Which had to be loaded like a toy with a string and a spring, each energy ball needs a circular rotation of the handle that does Unique in every charge / shot like starting a motorcycle with a foot.

And when you can shoot all the energy at once.

Originally there were only 2 weapons loaded in the cartridge.

And almost all of them both run out and need recharging, like SHOTGUN that fires concentrated energy with much longer range.

I tagged the cartridge to 3 but then I just got it Pretty powerful called RIGHTEOUS AUTHORITY.

זה Energy is similar to the other, but without the mechanical loading mechanism, and with a very large 33 stack at the moment.

Was and still very useful.

My method of fighting ranges from free sniping to movement and Q / VAT activation at critical moments.

There are weak enemies that sound strong until they know their weakness.

The flying bees enough to do critical damage to one of the wings and she only died of it.

Except for strange creatures, or enemies wearing a helmet, it is almost always better to shoot in the head.

With these two guns I had enough light, until I got on BOS missions and had to eliminate a strong base of supermotions on some huge antenna plates.

It takes a lot of shots to kill them, head or not.

And there's one who fires missiles at you from a high tower with a command unit.

Easy upgrades to Gunsmith second-rate weapons or whatever it is called.

Armors I've started collecting METAL and maybe something else.


I lacked ADHESIVE until I collected a large supply on the way, and I also discovered that you can cook something from vegetables that can be turned into several ADHESIVE so I planted the plants and multiplied several times to get a good harvest every time I arrive.

Apart from those supermutants that required dilution and caution from many powerful enemies, you can say that I'm actually doing a cowboy routine in the Wild West.

Each battle scene is another drawing on cartoons where the enemy is wiped out by a player who uses well what the game gives him in every situation.

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Standing on a cliff from a distance and shooting everyone in the head with the hunting rifle that I got to shoot a double ball every time. Switched to sniper rifle, long scope and 118 damage, what needs more.

Close-up has an enhanced shotgun that does damage 120.

And generally rotates with the correct authority authority, is upgraded to 70 damage with scope.

You do not need more than that ;)

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Except for characters who build STR ...

To deal with the amount of things you can use that you want to carry, you need to transfer to a dog or other partner, to do QUICK TRAVEL after each assignment / area where Aspeth.

And then move from the dog to you, and from the floor to the floor, and only then to make RECYCLE through the workbench layer with all your belongings scattered on the floor and some of them sometimes get stuck in indistinct sockets under the floor / earth.

The person who designed this interferase is a donkey / idiot.

Had to be done so that it could be recycled directly from INVENTORY and peace on .

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Indeed, without a STR should go and come back more times, but get along.

And the UI is shocking, there's no argument - but there are a few detours, especially about the cycle of things in a workshop - https://www.reddit.com/r/fo4/comments/3shl9i/fallout_4_tips_everyone_should_know/

This is the relevant part -

  • You do not need to break down junk items to get components by hand the game will do it for you if the junk items are stored in your settlement workbench or inventory. Extra resources will be deposited in your settlement workbench. (It may take some time to appear)

In principle, anything that can be dismantled is thrown into the workshop. It will fall apart. You do not have to throw it on the floor and move one by one. (I wish I had not discovered it sooner.

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