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Medical studies: in Israel or abroad?


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Hello. I am a soldier who is released in January and wants to study . My dilemma is whether to study in Israel or Italy.

What are the considerations? In principle, in order to study in Israel, I will have to improve after the release of about four matriculation exams. With regard to this psychometric exam, it will take time to study, but I believe that I will reach the required grade. To study in Italy I will have to make a preparatory of about 5 months, pass a test and start learning. I'm not sure what the advantages / disadvantages of each of these options. On the one hand, in Israel, I will not have to miss family and friends, but on the other hand, a lot of people live abroad and overcome their longings for a different purpose. L. - without good reason enough. What are the advantages of living / studying abroad? Do I miss something? A social experience during my studies is also important to me, but I believe that I will have a nice social life whether I study in Be'er Sheva or in Fabia.

My studies and my living will be funded by the parents wherever I do not learn so there is no consideration in this matter.

Can you share what goes through your mind? Thanks.

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"I would go for an italian" This is a really good argument.

Why should he go to Italy exactly?

Yes, the academic institution has nothing to do with the practical and theoretical knowledge acquired by the doctor ...

Are you sure you are not enthusiastic about Italy because you want Israelis to leave Israel? Because "bad here"?

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What is the connection ?.

In Italy he will start learning much faster.

In Italy, he might get some financial help.

In Italy the institutions are no less good than .

In Israel, you have to take the stick from your bottom and realize that if you can get a good institution in Italy there is no reason why you can not be accepted here, in Israel.

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The institutions are no less good. This is an argument that you have no basis for (especially when they told you that in Israel the level is higher), but even if it is true, it is not a supporting argument. It is simply an argument that says "there is no worse then why not there?"

I do not know what the scholarship criteria are ... you know? In Israel, too, he can receive any financial support ... Besides, is it cheaper to live in Israel next to his parents than in Italy?

"Much faster", what is much faster? Will save some five months to learn the rest of the 8 years or as it does not take to study a doctor degree instead of less?

The last argument is pretty dumb. What do you think they do not want people to be accepted, why do not you think everyone is accepted? Because it's probably an interest in supply and demand ...

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Bullshit. It is always possible to increase the faculties.

Do you really think the level of studies in Italy is not good?

(As I said if the institution is a good educational institution, then there is no impediment, I suppose Griffin does not know exactly which institution the question is aimed at).

Improving 4 and Psychometric Grades Compared to Preparation of 5 Months?

I know from a friend that in France the studies are much more difficult than in Israel and the economic support for France in another league, and it still made it difficult for her to decide to return to Israel.

I assume that in Italy the situation is not so different.

So I will clarify again, because it turns out that it was not clear:

If the level of studies is good and if there are no special problems in moving back to Israel, I would choose Italy.

Overall, this can be a pretty good and unique experience.

post Scriptum-

I understand her rating is good.

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First of all, if you think you'll be accepted to study in Israel, I think you'll study in Israel. It is a relatively long period of time to live abroad, although it sounds tempting and interesting, but the yearning is difficult and there is not so much the option to "get up and go" if necessary. ... With regard to the matriculation exams, you can finish with everything in a few months, and for the psychometric exam, the 700 club has a promotion for people whose level is high and they need these grades above 700, a lot of guys who want to be accepted ... They focus more on certain things, , So I recommend that it really is a good course and the instructors are really good.In the end no one will tell you what to Do, but that's just my personal opinion.

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There's something else. Assuming you want to work as a doctor in the country there is the problem of the exam. If you listen to the news, you will see that every time, I think twice a year, there is an examination for those who have studied medicine abroad so that they will be licensed to practice medicine in Israel.

According to those who interview each time the preparation for the test takes about a year in which they just sit at home on books, there is nothing to talk about work. The percentages of the transition, at least according to their claim, are low, and if I remember correctly, the only country with a passing rate of 100 in Israel is Jordan.

Editing: I found an interesting conductor about the exam.

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This examination looks like a barrier. If it really mattered, then everyone had to go through it.

Those who studied in the United States, those who studied in France, and those who studied in Israel.

What is the difference between someone who studied in Italy and someone who studied in South Africa?

Looks like a political law for these and other reasons.

- If I understand correctly, he is exempt from this examination if he is doing an internship in Italy ..

In addition, it is two years compared to five months ..

The preparatory course is five months, the psychometric exams are at least a year, so if it starts now it will finish around August 17.

As opposed to a preparatory program that he could start in October 16. Change a difference, assuming he gets all the required grades in the first attempt.

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  • 2 weeks later ...

In my opinion, studies in Israel have many advantages: 


A. As far as I know, Italy has stopped or cut back on subsidizing foreign students. What I do know at the time that Italy subsidized studies for foreign students, in order to receive the subsidy students had to deal with a lot of Italian bureaucracy.


B. See if you can work in Italy. Even if an Israeli passport allows work in Europe without special permits, employers in Italy will not rush to hire you because of the bureaucracy involved.  


third. In Israel you can receive support from family and friends.


In my opinion, think of an option to study abroad only if you dream of becoming a doctor and you do not see any chance of being accepted into my studies In Israel.

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So. In principle, if I want to study in Israel, I will be enrolled in Ben-Gurion's preparatory program that starts in October. Until then I will have to do a psychometric exam and maybe go hiking and work a little. The program will end in July, and I assume that in September I will be able to start studying, but on the condition that I pass the special tests, which are also considered difficult.


The level of study at the University of Milan, for example, is considered even higher than in the medical faculties in the country, at least according to, which gives the impression of a serious website. So that's not really a consideration.


I just wonder if the wait of a year and a half + risk to study together with full Israelis is worth it. I believe that I will be good abroad because in the end, this is an English track and the vast majority of the students there will be far from home, the atmosphere there is sure to be nice. I just did not want to get into any situation where I make friends for life That you may or may not want to come with me to Israel. 


Well, it's just a decision I'll have to make with myself, but we'll have a good time. :)

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