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Help - PC freezes with white screen

et al

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I bought a new i5 computer, I transferred the With the operating system from the previous computer and I replaced all the drivers the problem is that the computer occasionally gets stuck, the screen turns white and nothing responds, the only option is to turn off the computer.

- Sometimes it happens after half an hour and sometimes after 5 hours of work, sometimes it's while browsing the browser, sometimes while working in Word and sometimes just when the computer is on and the screen saver is running, I could not find anything consistent that causes it

- I ran various stress test programs, all the tests pass without any problem even 24 hours continuously

- I upgraded from Vandos 8 to 10, the problem continues in the new system

Any recommendations what to do?

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Try what they offer at the big toms hardware discussion.

Canceling C-STATES.

You lowered To 2133Mhz if it is faster.


Also check for new bios, even beta. Not that it has helped anyone in the past, but there may actually be a new version for your board.


And if nothing helps, then yes you are worth trying to reinstall. Maybe your problem is not related to this general problem. 


Which Do you have some units?


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