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I did not understand the way in a light graph (002)


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Did I understand the idea, just the proof?

In other words, I can not really recognize that this is a figure (beyond this crooked drawing).

Where did you get it from?


And in the same tone another question:


Section C - I fail to solve the equation when I equate the function to a line:


In the answers in the book they did something rather strange,

"+ -2" and the entire fraction are multiplied by 4 and thus they also reached the result.

How and why

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You were supposed to understand thatB on the Y-axis from the drawing in exactly the same way that you understood that C and D on the X-axis, there is no other source.


As for the second question, they are missing the x next to the 4 in the first steps maybe that is what confused you but the rest of the solution is fine, bring the equation into a canonical form and place in the formula, nothing beyond that. I do not see any doubling at 4.

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Walla, you're absolutely right. In practice, the values ​​of the cut points of the parabola with the X-axis are not necessarily points D or C.

This "heating" is not based on drawing alone. I do not know, I just remember that in high school they were smart with sketches so I tend to be careful.

Is there anything else to say about this? Or do you just live with it like that?


Regarding the second question -

First of all you are right that X is missing next to the 4, but unfortunately this is my "wrong" solution (not their solution).

Here's the way they did there (yes, they too got confused there with the number 6 instead of 4 there as a coefficient of X. Do not refer)


And yet I do not understand how it did work for them compared to the equation I made.

I just feed this 16 root and the calculator gives me 2 root 7 rather than + -2 and then double their 4.

What exactly did they do there that they came to this solution? And why does the calculator insist on not recognizing this performance !?

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