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A new Facebook group for jobseekers in the high-tech sector.

BenSmall Brown

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Hello everyone,

I recommend you a new Facebook job group with a large variety of interesting jobs in high-tech and without formal education.

The group is in collaboration with Rami Levy and is intended for adults who have finished fourth grade like us.
Come in and check, it's worth a try.


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The formulation may not have been accurate:
The group wants to give an alternative to the dropouts of the education system, who entered the labor force at a young age; And have knowledge of life, numbers and the internet and have no relevant certificates, certifications or degrees; Who want to advance in life and work in senior professions in the economy.
This does not mean that I or Rami Levy studied in fourth grade at an older age, it does mean that there are older people who have an education of no more than an elementary school.
The group comes to help each other in finding senior jobs without the requirement of certificates, certifications, or degrees.
In the world of information traffic the interest in paid academic studies is disappearing. And if you ask 100 random academics some nicks will tell you it was a waste of money. And a number of random high school students most of them will tell you that it was a waste of money and that they could study without paying tens of thousands of shekels. In addition I think 4 years of experience will give much more output than 4 years of schooling. I do not think there will be a revolution here because it is just a step in the right direction like free encyclopedias and like collecting study material for reuse and like a selection of free written and / or filmed guides ...

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I was in favor until you began to underestimate university degrees.

I worked with people without higher education. I really think that in order to know a program, you do not need much knowledge from academia, but ... without knowledge of mathematics and algorithms for such uneducated programmers there will always be many limitations.

They will have trouble with math, they will have trouble figuring out how to optimize the code. Usually they will program it on JAVA because JAVA does not require much understanding of how the computer works but even then they will be limited only to code Rather than the REAL TIME code they will encounter.

You can find a job without an education, but your options will be much reduced and disregard for higher education as a waste of time and then ask to be respected is very hypocritical.


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