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Computer Engineering or Computer Science at Tel Aviv College?


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I am more connected to software engineering, but at Tel Aviv College I think the population is of better quality.

a few questions:

What is the difference between software engineering and the media?

Which college is considered more?

Are there graduates / students from one of the colleges who can testify about them?

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In practice, the significant difference is another year in software engineering.
Software Engineering = Computer Science. People like to think they are going to be engineers, so educational institutions take advantage of it for marketing needs.

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Will not affect at all.
I studied computer science and hop - I am currently a software engineer developing a platform (Virtual reality) without even finishing my degree.

Understand, there are 2 types of engineers.

The first type is the kind that requires state certification - such as an electrical engineer or building engineer who are authorized by the state to perform various tests and sign them.
The second type is that you do not need any certification, only knowledge. A software engineer is like that. You can find a host of software engineers who have not studied software engineering or even computer science or any other degree.

In terms of employers, they are looking to employ an employee with the appropriate qualifications. Having one degree or another (in software) does not really matter, especially when a person has experience.
When there is no experience, the employer needs some way to assess the qualifications of the candidate. One way is the existence of a certain degree from a particular institution. If I have successfully completed a degree at an accredited university, this is a good assessment of my skills (because it is known that during the course of the degree I was assigned many tasks that I successfully met).
If I am just a student or I study alone, I have a "portfolio" of some kind that shows my skills + a job interview that examines my knowledge and the ability to deal with problems.

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Thank you very much for the detailed, wise response.

The only thing I do not know yet - there are a lot of classified ads looking for software engineers, 

Do you claim that they will get the same degree as those who have a BA in the IDF?

From a superficial investigation I found that the description in software engineering should be more practical and industry-oriented,

Than a bachelor's degree that often goes deeper into theory, and seeks to train the next academic researchers - especially in universities.

is it true?

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Software Engineer = Profession, not degree. 
No one is looking for a "computer scientist" but looking for software engineers, algorithmicists, software testers, image processing experts, cryptographers and more.

Usually, "software engineering" has a little less theory, but there are many courses in engineering and physics that are usually quite unnecessary in the industry.
University graduates in computer science are much more sought after than any computer science / software engineering graduate from colleges, the level of studies is simply higher. As far as the employer is concerned, this is a better indicator of a better quality worker.

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