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Looking for opinions from people who have studied at coding academy

Itay Koren

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I know what the prevailing opinion here is about all the several months of programming courses, but still interested. 

I'm looking for people who really learned there and went through the learning track, was it worth it?

How to level? And anything else that comes to mind about the course.



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A broad field like programming can not be taught in a few months, even if it will be a university course. 

What is being taught is apparently an environment Any and the basis of language X. 

Now you have to understand that if you have programming experience in general, it will be easy for you to understand any programming language. You should aim for it.

The question is whether you go there for a diploma or to really learn programming?

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I have programming experience in general.

The main reason I am interested in the environment. A place where people come for the purpose of learning and spend most of the day for it, as a job and also of course for learning specifically JavaScript.


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