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Electronic Engineering / Computers / Hardware in Long Term Thinking.


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Hello everyone, I am a student of the future who is debating with himself.


I really like the field of electronics and in particular am very interested in hardware and chip development (even engraving a PCB in a CNC machine for all kinds of projects that I build as a hobby.)

I want to study and develop in the field and study electronics engineering (or computers and everything related to hardware) in particular in the future VLSI, VHDL etc.


The thing is that, according to what is seen in the world today, the field is falling heavily both in Israel and in the world as a whole (the industry is simply moving to Asia), demand is falling and more and more to find work.

Is it worthwhile for me to study and invest in a profession or the situation is only going to deteriorate and in any case I will see myself finishing converting software / machines.

Really sucks to see a negative picture in this industry, especially in the field I'm interested in from a very young age.


I consult with you; The workers / unemployed in the field, the students who already see the picture of the area better than me.

I have no problem learning software or machines, also interesting. It is clear to me why I am more attracted and in any case it is impossible to ignore the fact that it is difficult to find a job (as of today) in the field and the demand is not exactly rising.


Thanks to the tortured :)

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