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Negative review on KSP


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Tin is nothing more. In one of the forums I am in, threads jump even after 12 years.


KSP's service in most branches is really on the face. And it is not surprising to hear that even in the Corona period they find a way to make it more horrible.


In our case, simple headphones with a microphone can also be found at Shufersal Deal. And no need to wait for someone to call you through .

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** Editing: This post is from 2016 .. and still relevant to me lol


How are people willing to buy at KSP? A store where the sellers are also technicians, also sellers, also consultants, also cleaners, also importers, also salesmen .. and a few other things ... in short, how can you shop with such a service experience ?! Take a number as if I was in line for a family doctor and have to stand in line for an hour and a half because a person is now consulting with one of 2 sellers / salespeople / individual consultants in the store about 20 people ....


You buy a product and honestly when you leave the store the warranty is already on another company (the money they know to take - but the service to you importer because we only know how to get money) .. Really last time I bought something expensive there was a few years ago and it was also when I had to For school (which broke some after a few days and I needed help) just can not get close to this place .. even another time I needed something I asked a friend to buy me a name because he just needed something .. but anything else I find in another store or online I Buys from there .. for example Cheaper on some computer screens even after shipping and taxes..shame (think how expensive shipping is for computer screens when you buy them individually and still comes out a cheap creator sometimes)


Here is an example: I recently bought a cable that I really wanted to buy online (because I did not want to get close to KSP and only they had it) because the cable I had was about to tear. In the end it was torn before I could order online and I had to buy from KSP because only they sold from this model. I open the package and the connector of the cable .. crooked! I go back there and they tell me there is no alternative, this was the last one and that "we no longer accept cables of this type" .. So they sent me to another branch ... there was also no one ... and they sent me from there to a third branch ... there was no one there either. .. take money they know.



Everywhere with sensible customer service, they would offer the slightly longer cable that cost 5 (!!!) NIS without additional payment for this hassle. By the way, I sent customer service about this experience and guess what - of course I did not get an answer .. Since the case with the cable I boycott them completely, even if I owe something, I wish other people would do that so that they would change or have sensible competitors (which is not here for some reason)


I will rent stores of meters by meters and have to wait there as I do not know what in line for sales people who also do not have much knowledge at all



** I have since been buying abroad if the price is even more expensive by a few percent, say even up to 10 percent more expensive, just so as not to give them my money. I know it is better to give Amazon the money because there I will get service ... (no Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! 970 EVO 500GB for 265 shekels compared to some 500 in the country ..)


*** Additional edit: They have this so-called promise that they promise to lower prices if you find a cheaper price elsewhere .. I once tried - let's say it's better not to try anymore - they want you to go to that store and get an official confirmation from the store about the price - though That everything is written on the official website of the store. It's true that I will now go to another store and ask them for approval that I will buy in a competing store lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣..


**** More edit: For example in Black Friday they are supposedly doing full , But never On the products on which the store was first established: computer hardware !!! Just do not !!!! Why would they accept my money if that's how they treat their past customers? No chance. For washing machines in "KSP Computers and Cellular" go to it ****

If more people had acted like me really they would not have dared to treat us like that a long time ago


***** More editing !!! Look what's going on here in the country I see advertisements of stores that sell "computers" ... They advertise "gaming" computers with specifications from 4 years ago .. or computers From 10 years ago .. and only give a general model: "I5 processor is especially strong". And at an insanely high price !!! And they also invent names like "renewed" and renewed "... what's next in line? A renewed computer? Pointed? Renewed? Feared? Israeli remorse ... Hopefully not many fall into their trap at least


* Those who need a stationary computer in the near future - wait for Black Friday on Amazon - on Black Friday a year ago, and even on Prime Day this year, they had crazy deals on bundles - I remember there was a bundle I checked at the cheapest store in the country and went around 4000 shekels or more and Amazon after taxes and shipping Exited 2400 (CPU, And video card)


Edited By forumate
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  • 5 months later ...
a quote


I, when I see in the technical detail of all this "special" thing after some adjective, honestly do not take such a place of trade seriously. I always think of that skinny guy who sold (still sells?) Mattresses on the shopping channel 20 years ago. Everything about him was "special." But it seems to ksp that this phrase is not used, it seems to me.

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I'm actually very happy with ksp, really slander thread on Shlomo, years I buy from them, and only about a month ago I exercised a warranty

On a keyboard and mouse set, replaced with fun and with a smile, I'm talking about the Petah Tikva branch on Yitzhak Rabin Road.

In general what I like about ksp is of course the prices, the service, and also always me Purchase through the site, and make an appointment through a link via SMS.

I generally hate to hear slander and scheming without an orderly response from the other side.

Produces in me antagonism towards those who do it. A kind of basic vulgarity and unfairness.

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Interesting, looks like "unlucky" in the branch, if the discussion has already been revived:

I am actually very satisfied with KSP, build great computers, fix faults properly .. No complaints, excellent service.

Here are some examples in BS branches:

1) Made noises, was in charge a week and a half later came back without noises and all is well.

2) I accidentally bought an American cable connection, I had it at home I did not need it, I returned to the branch did not have any problems.

3) I bought a few 7.1 Razer USB headphones a few years ago, Walla in one ear did not hear properly I spoke with Of abroad said something with the branch, I returned to the branch (was responsible) and received News (I checked on their website even cost 5 NIS more, and still facts excellent).

4) I bought gaming screens and the seller opened the product at the branch before I took it I made sure there were no problems with the screen before leaving the branch.

5) Online orders go smoothly. There were other things I don't really remember.


It really depends on which one in the branch probably. Just not nice to slander a person's name online (like the branch seller from the first page).

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