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Information systems studies


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Hello you guys,

My name is Lidor and I am 25+ years old from the center of the country with a partial matriculation and diagnosed with ADD (attention and concentration), interested in studying information systems management at one of the universities (priority) or colleges.

Okay so like that, I from a young age mess with a lot of computers (hardware, operating systems, PHP, HTML, CSS, Photoshop) and all through self-learning.

I have been working in technical support for one of the communications companies in Israel for one year, so that every day I deal with information systems like CRM, etc.

By and large, the field of information security is much more interesting, and I started chatting a bit with Peyton and Linux - but in the whole mathematics section I am less good, so I gave up studying MDM and software engineering in advance.

From the inquiries I made from students who study information systems at colleges, I realized that mathematics is not in the sky in terms of software and software engineering, and it is possible to combine work with something that is very important to me because I can not afford not to work during my degree.


There are guys here who have studied / studied information systems management and can give opinions about the degree (demand in the labor market, recommendations / claims about a relevant academic institution, college or university)


Thanks in advance!


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