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Question about SEO course, online advertising and sales networks

Maor Levy

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Hey friends,

I am a 28 son having a BA in economics.

I want to change a profession in the direction of marketing a bit difficult to take information from institutions of study that they tell you what you want to hear.

I would be happy if there is someone who deals with this and can tell me what to do after work. Is there a market demand?

And of course where to learn? I've been to Hacker Yu for a syllabus that seems really serious and they have a wide syllabus that touches a lot of things but they have a lot of bad reviews on them.


I would be happy to advise ;)

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Hi Maor,

You'll see marketing as a very broad field ... You can work in advertising agencies as a budget manager, you can be assistant marketing manager, you can work in various media companies, but these are the initial jobs that require a lot of relatively low hours of work.

What is true is that if you love the profession and be good, you can progress within a year or two to better positions.

I came from the world of marketing but I decided to specialize in another field, I did a development course In John Bryce. Great college, in my opinion they are considered more than hacker Hugh professionally. If they have a marketing course I recommend you go to them.


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