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Dirac Delta Function / Introduction to Electrical Engineering


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I do the Introduction to Electrical Engineering course and talked about shock function, which I still do not fully understand. I realized that the delta function accepts the value infinity at zero, and the integral is 1, and everywhere the value of the function is 0. I have a few questions- 

1. What is a built-in function? And why is the delta function so? 

2. \ int _ {- \ infty} ^ \ infty f (x) \, \ delta (x) \, dx = f (0) I do not understand this definition, what is the relationship of function f, to the delta function? 

3. More interesting things about the function?

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About 1. I can not answer you.

2. This means that any function you place in the integral as f (x) will get the function value in f (0).

3. For other features, just go to Wikipedia, usually what is there enough for first-year courses.


And good luck

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Yes, any function you put in the integral as f will give you this result.

This feature is the product of the delta function definition.

You can look at it this way:

The delta function gets a value of 0 at every point except the beginning, and any integral that includes the beginning on both sides is 1.

The multiplication of the delta in f also gives 0 to each value x except for the beginning.


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