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Getting started in high tech from scratch ..


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Hello everyone

. I'm currently testing various computer courses and ways to progress slowly in high tech. (I know there is a glass ceiling that I can not pass if I do not have a degree). What interests me the most is security of information. I know a friend, a hi-tech worker who told me that the easiest way to get into information security is through work and QA experience. From which you can wait if there is a place / standard for security personnel ..

 Is it possible to be accepted for simple jobs in information security without any experience or only with a little knowledge? :) 

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Look, basically there is no problem in changing professional direction in this period of life. You just have to understand the price of entering a world that is "foreign" to you at this age.

The world of information security is no closer to the world of cinema.

In addition, almost everyone who works in the field does this from the period of military service or after him and also studies and is interested in me.


You can try starting from SOC to taste the profession. There is no connection to QA.

Check what the requirements of the SOC roles are and what knowledge you need to complete.

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People who work in the field tell me very different things. In principle, I was told that someone who works in the field of information security knows that a well-known course is enough to enter junior positions in information security. But assuming this was not true, I was told several ways through which I could taste the profession. The question with SOC / System and all the things I was told would be a way to move forward or find a standard for something that connects more to the world of information security. 

Is there an impenetrable glass ceiling for these places because of my age and because I do not have a degree or there is hope :)

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What will give you a course if you have no basic understanding of this content world?

I do not want to sound negative, but need some personal affinity before going to learn something. Go read some article about security and see if you're interested.


There is no glass ceiling. Those who are good succeed and advanced high.

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Of course I read. I do not intend to come to the course without getting some information before. I also buy books. My original question was whether after I got a good base of information, it is advisable to start with information security or it is better to start from somewhere else on the way there. 

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