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Wages - a question


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Call me regarding the position of Field Technician Repairing Printers / Copiers

I have a lot of experience in the field And I know that my salary is With 6.5 - 7 gross experience, technicians in printers and copiers that other domain should ask for more? Anyone here knows the field? How much should I ask for? Do not want to ask too low 



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The only thing I hated about IT is printers.

Of course it depends on where you work (high-tech or hole), but when I worked a guy, I broke my back on these things. (And there may be some damage to me as a result of carting).

Stay away from it like a fire.

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Does a printer technician get more money than a PC technician? I tried to see how much I "worth" but in high tech there is no such thing as a computer technician or printers have "HD technical support or manager "But the sums there are hallucinatory in relation to Outsource, or to companies that are not high-tech, a high-tech example HELP DESK can easily get 10-12 a thousand with an experience between 0-3 years would such a thing be outsourced ?, there is no online source that can actually know how much I am worth as a computer technician And networks (not a manager ) With experience, unfortunately I asked for a low salary of 6500-7000 because of it 

"I was very impressed by your professional abilities, but we are looking first of all for those with experience as a printer technician and if not then ... and added that if you do not receive work you will receive an email and if you are accepted you will come for a second interview + a reliability test" Do not know sounds bad to me ....

She also added that by Thursday they interview people "take the time to check" 99 percent was not received otherwise I would get a positive answer instead or a second interview + reliability test as a continuation ... \

What even more for me was not accepted was that the requirements for the position was listed required "Introducing the world of computing" and "good hands" and it was also written that there is training of half a year in society suddenly they are looking for one with experience? Why experience if there is a six-month course? Sounds like bullshit ... I was there on Thursday They have a week, I'm sure Sunday or Monday I'll get an email I did not get a visa, but if you think you can get damage in the back maybe it's better that way, And I thought it could add to my resume that I also have a background in repairing printers


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