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In our environment, in fact, most people are not satisfied with their place of employment?

Idan P.

Are most people in your job satisfied or resentful all day long?  

7 votes

  1. 1. Are most people in your job satisfied or resentful all day long?

    • Satisfied
    • unhappy

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After 10 years of work in two different fields, wherever I was in the phone support field and in the field of automotive diagnostics I can say that the percentage of disgruntled people there is 100% or very close to that ...

At the call centers, it was always a burden on the load of calls, the wages, and as a result of you getting the slime from nervous / irritated customers without your fault.

In the garages, I encountered bitterly the wages, character and working conditions, and especially the management and lack of attention to the worker, while maximizing the employee to the level of almost modern slavery.


The question relates toMost of the workers and most of the time And not to specific incidents or stressful days especially, if you vote I would be happy if you share a few words about your work and if there is a hint of what it is.

I would also like to hear how this bitterness affects you and your opinion about the work over time.


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  • 4 months later ...

There are two points here, working conditions and salary conditions.

From my experience, working conditions are not good for most workers.

Most companies, including high tech, insist that if you sit on 40 ass hours a week it means that you are also proactively 40 hours per week. Like, it's more important for them to sit 40 hours in front of the computer than how much you really are. The truth in high tech is perhaps one of the few places where there are companies that are more important to your real productivity than to force you to sit in front of your computer 40 hours a week.

But even in many high-tech workplaces there is an insistence on working hours as a sacred value.

If you are for example a senior software engineer and consultant in a large software corporation, there are more chances of being much more flexible with your working condition.

Regarding the salary condition ...

If you have a million dollars in the bank, you already have more money than 90% of all the people in Western countries will ever be able to achieve.

There is in the matter of reward and wages a huge disproportion.

The problem is that there is no choice but to have a lack of profusion. Because you think you're leaving $ 1000 per billion people it's already a trillion dollars. The US debt is something like 4 or 6 trillion.

The lack of proportionality is necessary due to the necessity of the number of people in the country and the value of the state's assets.

But that still does not mean it makes sense.

The lack of proportion is expressed in the fact that a person can tear his ass all his life hard at work and earn a penny, while a second person can establish With no personal investment too large and earn a few millions in one year easily.

This is the "problem" in Capitalism. It is that you are not rewarded by how much you really are worth, but rather you are rewarded by how much leverage you have. 

The point is that capitalism is currently the lesser evil. Because as you have seen, if we divide all the assets in the world equally among all, each one may have $ 1000 per month.


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