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Cheap mobile recommendation - up to NIS 1000 - weighs 4 Xiaomi Redmi Note


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Looking for Up to ILS 1000. The cheaper the better.

What's important:

1. Partial lien

2. The quality of a good conversation, which will sound properly on both sides (also on the loudspeaker)

3 Will work properly.

4. time As long as possible


Everything else like For example, not Kirti at all


I saw a sheep Redmi Note 4 64GB 4GB and Note 4X 64GB 4GB

They are recommended in this segment.


One is a bit more expensive and comes with a Cipst of And an octagonal processor at 14 nm

The other is a bit cheaper and comes with a Cipst of And processes 10 cores in 20 nanometers


What types of models are recommended, from past experience with My Chinese sense of humor The more expensive the better. Is this the case?

Does this laptop meet my criteria?

I would be happy if someone who has the laptop can testify to the above points because on the one hand he is a preacher and on the other hand I also saw not very positive reviews.


I would also be happy if you could recommend me It's better if you think there's one, in any case it's really important to me that it meets my criteria.





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  • lompy changed the title to Cheap mobile recommendation - up to NIS 1000 - weighs 4 Xiaomi Redmi Note

In terms of price it is already starting to be a bit too expensive.

You will be able to detail what its advantages in terms of specification is that I seem quite similar to note


I would be happy to recommend more, in the end the goal of buying a device is cheap but not to be frustrating (run smoothly, hear good conversations and Will work)

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I would appreciate it if you could elaborate on concrete differences that would help me make a decision 

I do not see any difference between them that is worth NIS 200-300.



Something can be treated please to the point of Front mediatek



In any case, I shall be happy to have additional opinions / recommendations.

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I really do not understand why you bother to respond.

Making statements, it's good, it's not good, without backing up what you say in anything factual and without providing anything concrete that can help decide.

A comparison to Subaru and Porsche does not help to understand why one model is good and the other is not.


Anyway really disappointing that no one here except Roy is responding, I'm sure there are quite a few people here who can help.


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  • 2 weeks later ...

I have the note 4x in the version of the 32 Giga.


Works great, e-sim (what i bought), has generation 4 ... Good (at least for me), running smooth and unplugged, loading once every two days + full use, fingerprint reader (really convenient instead of typing passwords).


What is ...

I have hardly found a glass shield and transparent plastic when I bought it in Israel - after that I ordered accessories from abroad.

If you buy at a good price, say if you are in Eilat or something can be found in my opinion on 600-700 shekel? About a year ago I bought it at 850 or 900 did not remember exactly but there was an attractive price compared to the alternatives.


I do not know the A1 but as a company from my record I am very pleased and it is definitely worth checking out the merchandise they offer.

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Thanks for the response, you bought it last week version of GIGABYTE 64 with 4 Giga Memory and Processor's .

Leaf 900 failed in KSP.

The laptop is not for me but what I've got to deal with is fine. Fast, do not get stuck, hear fine, Straight locked.

Great device for the price.

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