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China ... It turns out that quite a few people recommended me to buy from an Express.

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Hello everyone. 

I got a really crazy suggestion for the computer 

14inch intel core i7-4500U / 4510U / 4550U 8gb ram 120gb 1tb hdd 10

I am a graphic designer (web builder) and have a cannon stationary computer on a house that cost a sea of ​​money. The most advanced ... 

But I have to For urgent situations or work in a cafe to freshen up ... 

Is the specification good enough in your opinion? 

The price comes out at about $ 600. 

Thanks for answering ... 

Edited By Shirly Niv Marton
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Hi Shirley, the price won't tempt you.



On the face of it, as you described in the specification, I saw nothing special there. 


There is no mention of an external video card, company or model. That the processor is I7 does not say much (and not even one of the most powerful of them).


Work in your field with a built-in video card ... don't know if at all possible.


Plus very little For professional work (8gb).


And if we add the VAT price that you probably pay, you don't think there's too much of a deal here.



For graphic work in my opinion this computer does not fit at all.



But as my predecessor said, if you can give a link to the product page, there may be details that you didn't specify.

Edited By OvO
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First of all thank you very much for the response.

I have a crazy desktop computer - so I'm looking for something relatively cheap that you can also carry with you.

I am very debatable about such a purchase from China (but in the vast majority of everything is produced there ...)

I also have a computer Mobile but is slow already (5-6 years ago) I was very happy to upgrade it to a higher I7 but I realized it's not that easy ... something with the ... not closed what I understood from there .. + The battery is already erased and only through electricity.

From France link to Mali ...


Thanks again :) 

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It sucks that I'm such a negative, but in my opinion stay away from this computer, since it is an anonymous computer without "Mommy and Dad". 


It's true that everything is made in China, but it is likely that the quality will be worse than a computer from a reputable company. (And another one without any warranty)


In addition, there is a chance that you will run into problems with After formatting (or at all), and you will not have proper support. Nor information in forums of any kind.


And in the future, if you need spare parts you probably won't find anywhere.



The only benefit I see here is the color which is cute :D 


In my opinion, you can find a computer with the same performance + - in Israel at a price not so far away, especially in Eilat!



As for the upgrade , Not a simple matter at all :D (And also not always possible) That's why buying something suitable in the first place.


Edited By OvO
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Indeed, they will come - come!

Do not come near. : nono:.


I agree so much with what ovo said earlier, that I saw almost no reason to add a comment.

Specifically on this mobile you declare time Of between one and two hours,

So by the time you sit down in a coffee shop and say "waiter", your mobile will turn off.


Fill as stated questionnaire And from there we will move forward.


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  • 2 years later ...

I'm starting to be a video editor and graphic designer and I'm looking cannon

There's a technician who invented a HASEE computer with a last - generation I7 processor, 32 GB and it supports up to 64 GB, a 2060 graphics card, 1920/1080 resolution, 17 people, space for two 1TB and 500 GB internal hard drives.


The price is 6000 NIS

I was interested in getting advice and help as soon as possible.

I do not want to fall into the trap.

Thanks in advance 

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And how did you get into the discussion from three years ago?

In any case, must have an exact model of mobile, better link to it.

In any case 2 -

New processors of ,

So it is better to wait so as not to compete the next day.


Ahhh, I guess it's Adobe software,

But it is worth specifying who is what ...

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I do not know the Hasee company 😮  But on the face of it, the specs are certainly not bad in relation to the price.


As my predecessors noted, it is advisable to specify an exact model of the mobile to give a more informed answer.


Is this a new computer? Or lightly used? Is there a warranty?

Edited By OvO
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