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Temperature of the 8700K processor, during the effort of the games.


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I noticed that I play Need for speed payback for about two hours - the CPU temperature reaches 72 degrees, in other games, like wolfenstein ii, reaches between 52-62 degrees, all games run on maximum settings at a resolution of 3440X1440 - 34-inch screen.

Are these temperatures normal?

In addition - the chassis has 2 fans up, one front, one back, I'm considering adding one more preview, should I?


Computer specifications:

Processor: 8700K

Motherboard: Asus strix Z370-F

Graphics Card: strix 1080TI

Memories: G-Skill - 16GB (2x8GB) 3200 

CPU Cooling: Noctua nh-d15s

Case: Phanteks eclipse p400s

storage: 960 pro 512gb nvme 

Supplier: corsair rm750x

Operating system: win10

Chassis fans: corsair AF120 / 140



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Quote of askme

Leave him alone!  :)

Have you bought a computer or a blower?  

At the end of most fans it will still become a glider.

The game probably uses the processor more than others .....

Rachfan Hafah.

I'm trying to figure out if the temperature range is correct depending on processor / cooling processor / chassis.

I forgot to mention the 1080TI 's video card , Maybe it affects

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Thank you, yes they are attached to the motherboard, I saw in the bios of , That it is possible to set a profile for all fans of the computer (both the processor and the chassis)

And there are these options: Silent, Normal, Manual, disabled

At first, it was on Manual - automatic matching of .

I then switched to Normal and saw no significant difference (I thought maybe a drop would help)

I realized that disabled is maximum speed, but I did not touch this setting.

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I thought it would help a little change the profile of the ventilators to normal, without significant change.

Today I saw that the processor reaches 77 degrees in one of the games.

I found the following review, which also shows similar degrees, is it possible to be calm? I'm a little worried about this data and there's 25 left to the extreme that the processor can handle.




a quote

First, the overclocking numbers. The Prime Z370-A motherboard has an excellent automatic overclocking feature that happily overclocks the i7-8700K up to 5.1GHz, ramping up the voltage to 1.4V. This is quite a stable overclock; I did not encounter any blue-screens-of-death while using it. However, only consider this if you have a decent liquid cooler.

I had to turn my NZXT Kraken to Performance mode to bring temperatures below 92 ° C, and it was left hovering around around 85 ° C under load. I would not want it to remain at such a temperature all the time, but with an even higher-performance cooler this should be a happy .


For comparison, under the same conditions, but at stock speeds, the chip runs at around 70-75 ° C, which is reasonable

Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/intel-core-i7-8700k-performance-benchmarks-conclusion#GkQqpQl3uxsIBFmL.99


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Quick reading on his face sounds perfectly normal and normative.

A processor under effort should also heat up above 80 degrees, all depending on the type of processing it is .

So that by 90 Plus it will still function properly (and reliable).


If it touches the ceiling in the 100 zone, it will perform a frequency feed and reduce the power to stay within the thermal envelope.


Go calm, everything is fine.

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It also plays high resolution so heavy game limited by the GPU and the CPU has to deal with many less frames per second.

It is possible that NFS or another game is not so heavy and therefore the card will give it as 100FPS + and then the processor has to keep up with the percentage of its use and the temperature will rise.

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