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How to do oc to a video card guide


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I've seen a lot of people here on the forum who want to do oc To their video card
So I am now going to make a guide at the end that will explain how to do it 
What it takes to do oc To the card?
1. To do oc No need a special card and no Special as in oc The processor
2.A lot of time and patience
3.Need a quality provider or if my computer needs 500w So if my supplier is 650w Or more then you can do oc And be calm...
Here we came for a moment
To start doing oc Need to download software 
There are some software to oc I personally prefer the afterburner But the principle is really the same
( In every program I write down the things I wrote down)
After we have opened the software we will see some of their main things need to be addressed 
core voltage .1
power limit .2
core clock .3
memory clock .4

In the beginning we will elevate the clock To 20mhz 
has been done Apply 
Now run a program named heaven benchmark 
For a quarter of an hour if the card does not crash and there are no points and strange things on the screen then we can move forward..
We'll be back in 20mhz And we will repeat the test...
If the card crashes here, it is time for the ticket voltage We go up with the smallest increase of tension Apply Then we'll go over the test again 
If the card also crashes with this increase, re-upload the card voltage The smallest owner until it collapses
After you are locked on a certain frequency of the So if you want (you do not have to) you'll be back in 20mhz are you memory 
And so repeat the same steps of the test 
After you are completely locked, do a two-hour test if you do not take a course then oc succeeded
Software links 
msi afterburner
Effortless software for a card

About temperatures
It is highly recommended that the card does not pass the 80 HWMonitor
If the card passed the 80 degrees effortlessly?
Increase the speed of the ventilators with the software afterburner In the tab fan speed Make at least 60% if it has passed the 80 degrees 
Last reminder
So that oc The software must be turned on in the background all the time.....
In the settings of the software you can check in v The running option in the computer startup (this is written in English)
If you do oc True shortens the life of the card but not significantly about 10% 
Good luck to everyone
Best regards 

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