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Adding a fan - a counter, a favor, and a favor - how better (I ran out of connections on the board ...)

nissim tr

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Hi guys,

I will briefly describe the situation,
I'm currently with a case 460x rgb, when the chassis itself came with three fans SP120 Which draw air from the front, each connected separately to a pin 4 connector on the board,
There is also room for another 120 fan on the back.
My CPU is cooling h100i v2 and includes two SP120 fans that push air upwards through the radiator.
The processor is ryzen 7 with 1700 (Calm, to 3800Mhz and memory controller holds 32GB's On 3200Mhz) that is usually seated around the 30C.
The GTX1070 video card .

Now that the case has happened, I have played a game at a resolution And after a while I noticed that at least some of the fans opened burners and cracked a noise synth in a bad SPL ...
A short study suggested the following: The video card started working at full capacity (unlike 1080p, which sits on 50-60%).
Which caused him to reach the 70 zone, and to operate both of his fans as 1000rpm. As a result (in my opinion) the air in the case heated up toward the 40 degrees - which is what every temperature sensor presented.
In this situation, the hot air was sucked into the radiator and the processor was moved to the 40 degrees, causing the entire cooling system to go up. (You could also feel the hot air coming from above)

Now, I know that 40 degrees is not a big deal for a processor, especially since it's a heat that did not come from the processor itself (I'm pretty close to finding a game that will make this processor really strain)
The noise, too, is not really the end of the world, and in such a situation it is possible to open a little more volume.

And yet I chose regarding the occupancy of the rear vent, the idea is that in situations where the video card will emit a lot of hot air, some will be sucked back and will not pass through the radiator.
 I found a candidate - be quiet! BL070 SILENTWINGS 3

Then I put the board down and woe! No more fan connectors.
Therefore, the options are:
1. Connect the new fan to one of the power SATA connectors (it should also be quiet at high rpm)
Buy a 2 pin splitter, and connect two of the front ones together - I do not think it is critical to control each of them separately - then connect the new one to the free connector.
I do not know the maximum power of each connection, I know that every SP120 fan pulls 0.3A, I only have one connection where the maximum power is specified - 18W so I guess the other connections can stream one amp - 12W - does that make sense?

what do you think?

Best regards and thanks in advance ...

Edited By nissim tr
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Quote of nissim tr

Buy a 2 pin splitter, and connect two of the front ones together - I do not think it is critical to control each of them separately - then connect the new one to the free connector.

Should not. It splits them both upstream and may disrupt their work. It is recommended to avoid this as long as there is no other choice.


Quote of nissim tr

1. Connect the new fan to one of the power SATA connectors (it should also be quiet at high rpm)

That's what you should do.

You have 3 fans that are putting in air at the moment and not one that gets out. Even if you connect three fans more correctly connect the 2 to the front to insert (and the lower part of the chassis is better) and one rear to take out air. Since you have 4 fans then three front and one rear that will connect directly to the power supply is the best option, because the fan of the back will always work at maximum because it is nevertheless only one compared to 3 put.

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Chances are there will be no problem using the splitter.

Accurate answer:

Look for a few amps on each fan port, usually between 1.5-3A and then see how many amperes each fan uses and connect.

On the other hand they said that if the fan connected to provide sufficient quiet then it is unnecessary to connect to the board.

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