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Problem - Colorless printing on the computer

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I have a problem with color printing at home.
My printer is a type deskjet 3830 series.

The problem - When I print documents from my computer (via Office software / over the Internet) It is not printed with color.
I checked all black-and-white color settings and did not see such a setting enabled.
I changed the toners in the printer (although there was ink in them) and still did not work.
When I print test and test pages through the printer, they come out with color.

I will be happy to help

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I would try this solution first:
Uninstall HPSmart - Remove only the app that measures the ink height in the cartridges.
Remove printer in Settings panel From Device Settings -> Printers
Add printer - Add your printer device
Printer now prints in color?


Reinstalling the printer can help.

Problem with 10

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Quote of metttalllica92

I want to remove and reinstall the printer driver, but how do I prevent Windows from overwriting the driver again?

Probably WIN made an update at night or did not notice ...

Re-install and do not rush to update WIN until Microsoft has resolved all its bogus bugs in its last run.

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  • 1 year later ...

Hi Has the problem been resolved? 

I'm with exactly the same problem

The printer from the same model prints colorfully, but from other computers 

 From my computer New, only black and white prints for me ... 

I checked all the Haggadot, everything is colorful and still ... 

Do you remove drivers? 

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