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Independent installation of a router


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How complicated it would be for me to install a router to connect to a TV and a stream. I have a basic understanding, ie ability to act with instructions.

Do I need a computer for the definition of the router? 

How bad is it to order a flash router? Is it just a matter of renting the router?


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So, like that, I got into some trouble:
1. In the mmd PC With a modem - Modem and no router DSL-2500U. The uses are mostly word, School and YouTube feedback. nothing Wireless At home. The apartment and the infrastructure there are relatively new (building years ago).

2. Looking for a friend For TV with combined streamer in the living room, priority for connecting wires and not WIRELESS   At the moment, the toilet is only connected to the plus age.
3. Bezeq points and the living room.
4. The ideal - priority is connecting lines in the home infrastructure between the computer stand and the living room but not sure that is possible It is a priority for the router to be in the living room close to the TV as it is very likely within two or three years.PC Finish his life and move to the computer .
5. I checked with Bezeq: Offer a super solution Telephony with B SPOT + B On a month's rent of 35 - a little excessive I would say.
6. Other solutions suggested / read about them:
A. Adapters on Electricity - realizes that no one promises it will work well.
B. Router + modem and if necessary use a repeater or other solution to transmit theWIRELESS.

In my understanding no sea, etc ..


1. Is it possible that the router I purchase will be adjacent to the TV and if I cannot make a line connection from the living room to the commander I will useWIFI? ? to get ב-  ?

2. Is it possible to set up a router on the iPhone? Or do you need to connect the computer to the router to configure the router?

3. Is there a problem in my assumption that I want the router next to the TV to have a line connection to the streamer and the TV? And to the dimension we will already reach a successful people in connecting lines and if not then with theWIRELESS And other aids?


4. Is my assumption about the power being used by AC power adapters as a solution?

I would be happy to receive any attention

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I will only contribute from my personal experience with the adapters On top Electricity (this is my TPLINK set) - it works and it works well. Of course it depends on your investment level, and also on the speed rating of the adapters. They never reach the speed defined on the packaging of course. This is a speed you might get in laboratory conditions without any electronic and / or electrical interference.

Home is not a sterile environment and there are always interruptions and noises Electricity. First, the adapters are plugged directly into the wall outlet and not through an adapter. Otherwise either they will not work, or you will be a very serious premise quickly.

But for video streaming needs, for example, I stream No problems from the home computer connected in the next room (through the web company router), and of course able to transfer files or stream content from the Internet fairly quickly. (It ranges between 5-8 megabytes per second)

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