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3900X / 3700X


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Quote of nec_000


It's already starting to be borderline in today's heavy titles, both for the CPU, but also for this graphics accelerator which is excellent by the way, but already

His time is coming. This combination can still suit older titles, or new ones - but with compromises in the title settings. managing director

low or mid.


For my kids the 6 and the 11 and a half it will still deliver.

To me ... not so much anymore.


The thing is, you can set up great Sandy Bridge computers with no money, so there's no point in compromising Processors With

2 cores like the i3 2100.


Since you already have a 1155 Socket, do yourself a favor if you buy 4 processor cores from Eliaxpress and upgrade in Divorce:



The memory goes:

Property Set Memories 16GB second hand here in the country. In my estimation, you can find such a set in 150-200 relatively easily.

If you do not supply then you will upgrade to drive SSD Half a tare from Amazon - have had good prices in the last year.

Also consider upgrading a video card to which rx580 or gtx970 / 1060 is used. Money isn't big at all either.


With a relatively small amount of money, you can pick up your computer for uptodate performance that also runs the new titles and even more

Heavy ones, one that will provide a reasonable and practical execution rate for definitely a few more good years. And this is what I recommended.



Guess my board doesn't support beyond 8GB .. this is an unfamiliar board so ... 

As for a video card - I tried to put someone's RX570 on it for testing only ... and the computer didn't mount when it was mounted and beeped .. I must have told myself the board is already very old and doesn't support such things ...

SSD I already have ..


The thing is also that the computer has been quite slow lately .. and sometimes suffocated from heavy things in office work too .. The processor really very weak?




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@zone glide In my opinion such a system does not upgrade. It's a full-blown antics, who knows what kind of power supply there is? I can guess ... probably not something I would trust with modern hardware. the mother Can get 4 processor cores? You may even need a bio update to support new generations ...


Sometimes the whole system is so old that it's smarter to bring everything new. Take the SSD with you, everything else goes. Invest a few hundred shekels now on Dead when you're on the road also doing it with second hand hardware and Mali Express is just not a wise investment in my opinion. Beyond all this in terms of net performance, yes a 4-core processor would be an improvement but these old i5s are definitely starting to show their age in gaming. You can definitely live with them in most games, not everyone will say it would be wise to run and upgrade them today. But buying these now for an upgrade is a different story ... in my opinion not worth it. Speaking of someone who has now replaced the fourth generation i5.


My advice I also gave you in the second thread - forget about 3700 or 3900 and go for Reisen 3600 or even 2600 on a new computer. The difference in performance from what you have now will be huge. Don't get the impression that you need more than one, but you haven't said exactly which games you're trying to run and what the requirements are ... Close a budget, as many specific needs as possible and ask for specification in a neat way will benefit you a lot from all these discussions on the air.




Edited By ch33
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Just so the discussion opens will be another indication of the issue.

I play with 2600X in 1440P in high FPS in the heaviest titles today, enjoy and feel no disadvantage.

And certainly no bottleneck on the part of the processor.

2600 / 3600 with or without X. 

More than that, the difference in FPS is not so noticeable in terms of price-to-value.

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Quote of urib

Everything is good and beautiful, but ... The 1080TI card with the 2500K processor is like a bottle neck of Arak.

You haven't exaggerated at all ...: s07:

Quote of coch


Negative. With the above processor rushed and the 60Hz screen this becomes irrelevant. Certainly if you open the "lock"

In modern games, there will be a difference between Processors Of today .. It's inevitable. Locked with vsync, it's no longer a topic of conversation.


I also have the processor on my other computer, on 4.2. At the moment, there is an 4850 that was thrown in the warehouse

After 5870 decided to retire. I already checked with the previous 970 I had, the current 1070 which I have a nice amount

Of games on the i5 2500K and it does a very good job limiting it to 60 frames even in games

The heavier.


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Quote of urib

Everything is good and beautiful, but ... The 1080TI card with the 2500K processor is like a bottle neck of Arak.

You haven't exaggerated at all ...: s07:


Yes and no..


I will try to explain why (I) upgraded my gtx1080, to 1080Ti last year.


Buddy had the opportunity to buy 1080ti in 1150 Chess, in mint condition, when a market like this went hand in hand

NIS 2000 size environments (among private individuals). I bought a business purchase from Karia Farm (a whole stock of tickets).


At such a low price that was around 40% off the market price, I couldn't ignore the opportunity and jumped on the bargain,

And one card from the overall deal I kept for myself (the rest were sold on for profit).


I had the gtx1080 that I had before and gave way to 1080ti as mentioned above, I immediately sold on 1300 chess.

That means I upgraded a video card too - and earned 150 on the road.


So far this is why it was worthwhile for me to make the deal, although this is a unique case that does not attest to the rule of course.

* For those who ask even more in depth, the said gtx1080 card was originally purchased (just a few months earlier) for NIS 800 (also in a business purchase of a mining farm).

So from the end of the end the gtx1080 yielded a profit for my pocket of 500.



The 1080ti video card has a great redundancy in its accuracy, so it might be overkill (somewhat) on the 2500k computer.

Certainly as long as the vertical works still working at 1080p resolution. This card will serve me where, as a potential for further growth.


The next step will be upgrading the processor as soon as I need it - we're nowhere near, 

Or I'll upload a resolution to 1440p / 4K and then the 1080ti card will be ready for it already. 

There is no need to perform a simultaneous upgrade of all the components, the system can be upgraded in small steps from time to time as it would have been worthwhile in my particular case.


** Hope that is an exhaustive explanation, and you understand why I made his purchase at that time, in the business circumstances that we have offered.

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Quote of urib

Forget it, it's not serious

I know what you're saying, but what you're not serious about is ignoring it@coch ו@nec_000 Already written.

Quote of coch

Negative. With the above processor rushed and the 60Hz screen this becomes irrelevant. Certainly if you open the "lock"

In modern games, there will be a difference between Processors Of today .. It's inevitable. Locked with vsync, it's no longer a topic of conversation.


Edited By RoronoaZoro
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Quote of urib

Where are games from 2019 ..? And DX12

Try playing CONTROL with this processor, and MP games with 60 + players ...

Forget it is not serious to take an 1080TI card with such a processor.

It's like driving a car ספורט Only in first gear.


Big Control (which I have already completed) is an extreme example. REMEDY always lowers the recommended hardware, and I understand that, long ago.

This is a somewhat problematic example because it is one of the only companies whose vision is . They were bound for a while in the case of ALAN WAKE and also in the case of

QUANTUM BREAK on the whole topic of ports because of such and other obligations to Microsoft, etc. Who knows a little more in depth and it interests him

Can find material on a specific REMEDY and that they are among the only ones in their day First of all the rest. Anyway, this game bends

Modern hardware, too, is a much heavier case than most cases. Ditto the latest METRO and the likes of multiplayer games that really show an edge

For modern processors in terms of FPS consistency without dips.


But if you're talking about popularity and "most" of the games on the market then i5 2500K is in a hurry, keeping a relatively high frame rate somewhere between 55 and 60,

Sure with 1080Ti it's too wide a graphical power for 1080P.


I am not so much for these combinations, but if you come into the picture broadly .. then ... you can't help but be excited about such a thing. A processor that is antique, rushed,

That if you decide to take it a bit for the OC Games journey and give it away Normal air in NIS 180-230, not only is it easy to reach a steady 4-4.2,

But it also saves quite a bit of money and hassle That's all the point here. There are quite a few DX12 games from the last few years that have not

Show a significant difference on 60Hz screens when this generation is rushed. I'm not talking about games like that either Which are actually very friendly to the requirements

Theirs, probably due to excellent optimization etc ... but also heavy games that sit very well with these processors.


And yes, if there are such falls towards the 45-55 in some parts of different games that are heavier it's still okay and that's impressive. In MP this is a problem,

More noticeable and can also hurt the experience, etc. But in regular campaigns what is the likelihood that it will destroy a human being who is also used to playing on 60 frames

Should it ever fall into the 45-50 area from time to time? This is part of the package of staying with an antique processor that still does a good job. Anyone who doesn't fit

To him, he'll buy a new one. Very simple.

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You have given me a little deliberation, and the truth is quite interesting.


The section that my board is old and unfamiliar with .. I don't know why it didn't support when I put it in a new video card ... PEGATRON IPMSB-H61 This board

And in my opinion, it doesn't support 8GB RAM

And it has no bios updates ..


So ... how can I necessarily upgrade a processor? And a video card ... is it not suitable for newcomers?


HD 7970 will not deliver the goods? I want high graphics ... 


It is a strange truth to me that today's processors do not benefit much from what you say ...

But if I buy a new processor anyway, the computer and non-gaming operations will be better meaning not? And it will hold me for many more years ...


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When talking about whether hardware can still carry, talking about 60FPS without drops ... it's not Or PlayStation :)


Frequent drops to 45-50 are not fun at all. And if it's fun, it's just for people who have not experienced 60FPS stable as rock and are used to it. Or games where the pace is slow and not much happens on screen. 60FPS iron is the minimum.


Most games are important, most games will always be GPU bound. But there are those who require a lot of processor and modern games of this kind no one will run on 2500k even with liquid nitrogen and peak global. Many strategy games, for example, grind the processor with loads of AI calculations, pathfinding and other things, all kinds of battlefields in recent years very hungry for cores and hyperthreading, although no 4 Core \ 4 processor will run it - from personal experience. 


@zone glide I gave my opinion. A new computer no doubt. There is no way to upgrade you. Also my opinion, again, go for something more modest than Reisen 9 \ 7.




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Quote of coch


There is no such thing as always 60. We are not talking about the eSport competition of 5 over 5 against the 50,000 dollar that is being shared by all members. Talk about you

In front of the computer, playing in campaigns of all genres, starting with fps \ rpg \ rts and everything you can think of.



I have been experiencing 60fps stable as a rock for over 20 years. Accustomed to it is excellent .. plays with everything. Competitive player in Hebrew at a high level in TF2 on servers in Europe, mainly

Germany. At OW, I also got a long way until I got tired of the game (I crossed 4000 in ranked if it was familiar to you). To say 60 is a minimum iron is like saying if

You go down from 120 mph to 115-110, you no longer get on the road because you see the difference in the eye as you look sideways from the window of the car and it bothers * you ...








The competitive aspect is not my intention at all ... I do not play such games. Speaking net in terms of experience, any fall below 60 is jarring yes. In my opinion yes, and in the opinion of many others. This is the standard. Looking out the window in the car is neither my pleasure nor my hobby, if there is someone like that maybe he feels exactly what you describe ... you know.


And sure there's always 60. I do not drop from 60.


a quote

If I have a fall, two, three, four - then from your logic I need to replace the 1070GTX \ I7 7700K tomorrow.


Obviously not, play with the settings to get the 60s iron. For me personally, FPS> High Settings. If for you it is the other way around, legitimate. But you still have a specification that can achieve 60 iron with lower drop settings and that's the intention. 2500k will not achieve this in a game like BF5 even on the lowest settings in the game - again from personal experience with a stronger i5 (fourth generation). Simply because what's going on there has nothing to do with graphics, the processor is ground from all the calculations with another 63 players on the server, physics, do not know what.


Edited By ch33
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