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3900X / 3700X


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Quote of urib

Let's see him play a solid 60FPS on his KILL the CONTROL game.


It's one game. We've already talked about the fact that you can't go on a game or two to decide and draw conclusions for everyone.

Quote of urib

And Dear Lord Coch, the reason I bought 9900K mainly for a living! Being able to play doesn't make me lazy as you say.


Huh? When did I talk to you about laziness? I did not understand..

Quote of urib

Admit it ... you and your friend writing the scrolls mislead forum readers! When you claim there is no problem playing with an old processor and an advanced card.

That's a deception! Most do not perform Overclock And want to play games from 2019 60FPS stable in high settings.


How I misread the forum readers I still didn't understand. That I say 2500K rushed does a good job in 2019 too, is this a deception?


There is Google, there is , There are hardware sites. You can go there and decide for yourself which games, which frames, which combinations with the right GPU,

Which settings, etc. is suitable for everyone to play / buy I think you're giving me too much of a stage .. I have a room here and I know

What will cost him good / not good, so I'm not excited about Control \ BFV and half baked games . Most games over the last two years and up

Today, getting on top of the above processor is very hasty. If you have no way to disprove it, it is best to abandon it.


I repeat again and this is important ... Control is indeed very heavy. BFV also lowers to planks Sleeping.

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Bottom line as I suspected it all comes down to which game you decide to check. The examples here are 3-4 year old games (yes, time flies) with amazing optimization (Witcher 3, dom that can run on a toaster because the realization there in vulkan is so good) or very old / with system requirements that were very modest at the time / both (dishonored, prey). Advance games that are not particularly known for disassembling .


Most games rely mainly on the GPU already everyone has agreed on it.


There are exceptions. Samples were provided. You can call it poor optimization, call it laziness of developers or blame it Or do not know what, whatever the reason may be - the result is the same. And this is the only thing that needs to be taken into account if a gaming processor is recommended. Because a person who wants an upgrade to gaming, it would not be a consolation for him to know that this game that he fails to run properly, would run well if the developers just were not lazy and the game would get a few more months in the oven. Even dealing with the problems of these games with brute force or "balance of power", it is legitimate. If one agrees on this since there are games that are hard for these processors to carry, then what exactly is the argument I did not understand? Why recommend to a person who wants a gaming system, to buy such a processor?

Edited By ch33
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For a long time I did not format the computer I have no power with all these fusses.

Maybe I'm lazy and I don't mind paying money using the brut method as you say, but on paying treats and I understand that.

By the way, in BF V the engine's dipole on 11 processors can be limited to 4.

Why did they choose 11? simple. Because with capillary 6 cores are 12. So one less is 11.

n-1 that will not process process mode.

Edited By Jabberwock
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Quote of urib

Ego, ego, ego ...

What would be ... I'm misleading when NEC_001 checks an old game like W3 on 1080TI with the 2500K processor and claims that games are running smoothly for it.

Let's see him play a solid 60FPS on his KILL the CONTROL game.

And Dear Lord Coch, the reason I bought 9900K mainly for a living! Being able to play doesn't make me lazy as you say.

Admit it ... you and your friend writing the scrolls mislead forum readers! When you claim there is no problem playing with an old processor and an advanced card.

That's a deception! Most do not perform Overclock And want to play games from 2019 60FPS stable in high settings.

And like I said if you have money for an 1080TI or 2080 card then why not invest in a new processor ...?

Interesting ... the bottleneck effect doesn't work on your computers? Oops ... I forgot about you "the smart ones" in the forum.

If there is a person in this forum that I take off the cap on the GPU topic, this is the "Syndrome" user you will learn from.






This has already become a discussion for the deaf.

I said, I wrote, you bought an 9900K processor for work (graphics or video).

But that's why she got used to what he brings to you as a brute force in games (as a by-product).


If she was trying on an older / weaker processor (also), understand what you're doing But in depth, Defines or freezes or maintains a suitable system workspace,

Perform a blind test on yourself or third-party test takers to complete a wide enough statistical image,

You would not interpret the gaps as you interpret them, or give them conclusions as you did.

I was definitely deep enough in this thread with explanations and examples including from the net, and a few other friends such as coch brought

also. More than enough it is useless to repeat all things again in the Book of Esther (not Purim now either).



I and no other forum member have any problem believing in the thesis and your way, that's fine. Allowed - here To our delight and not Iran of course.

But on the other hand I do not accept in any way, that you tell me (or the coch) or the rest of our counterparts ... that we are misleading.

It is no longer a status granted to you.


Until you study the relevant degree known as "Computer Science" at the university, and until you do not specialize in the development of triple graphics systems

Real-time dimensionality, in meta, don't pretend to educate me in this area. Really quiet.


Readers will absorb the sub of both of us, for that the forum exists. They will go through the explanations to the end, do a complementary study for themselves

Online with more examples, consult with some of their other members outside the forum, and adopt the appropriate approach or method

To them most.


By the way note that while the forum member coch and I do have 2500K processors (I even have two), you do not.

We have practical private experience from the field on these machines, something you currently lack.

I tend (in every field by the way), to give greater weight to the claims and statements of such, which come as a result of personal experience.

Suggests to you and all your friends of course, to adopt the approach. For she proves herself over the years.


I remembered the case I once consulted with someone about . Hours grinded me on the subject and explained to me why Certainly worthwhile.

At the end of the long explanation he gave, I asked him a very small but crucial question, really out of innocence on my part:

"How long has he been with this car?"


He replied that he had never had one. 

Here I raised an eyebrow.

Askethyu where - based on what all the lecture he has just given .... where does it come from?

The answer was "from reading and stories he heard from others."

Needless to say language I said thank you very much of course, in my heart I erased everything he told me for the long hour.

For me and from my age and experience, recommendation and guidance come only as a result of the personal experience of the witness, and as long as possible.


Here's another beautiful example:

We sat down with some friends at work once, talked about economics investing and money (on one of the formation days).

The discussion ensued. It was interesting. Some fellows led the knowledge, and some others sat as listeners.

One said so, the other said otherwise ... there were some conflicting theses and intentions.


After a long hour I stopped a methodical pause, I asked a trifle to ask the gossipers:

How much capital does each one have?

Let's see for a moment what everyone has de facto managed to do - in an attitude he is so preaching at the moment in the discussion.

So called put your money where your mouth is.

Then all the running and stuttering started to surface:

Listen but this and that ... that's not what matters ... and a host of excuses from the winery and the garden. In short, not something

Capable of hooking older people.

Here, in fact, with the swearing of one sword, the picture became clear to us all. There were no more questions left, about whose thesis and experience

Whose investment-economy, really working.

How simple, that's right.



Edited By nec_000
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