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6700K Delid - as a service?


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I've been looking at the possibility of delid for my 6700K recently - its responsibilities have already expired and its results under water cooling have been very disappointing (70 + vs 50 with the 2500K)

But on the one hand, I don't want to do it manually - it looks like a recipe for disaster (to my processor or myself in injury) from the other - to buy the derbauer device at NIS 200 for just one time that I'm using is a little unnecessary.

Does anyone know of a store in the country that will offer delid service at a symbolic price (at the user's responsibility of course)?

If not, is there anyone here who bought the derbauer delider and wants to help a nice forum member who is also willing to pay a nominal fee for use?

Of course open to more ideas

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Intended for the opening of the Amics but I think it can do the job.

Will not injure you and there is a depth limit so it should not injure the processor (and also plastic) 


If you could refer me to a list of which older processors had with IHS easy to remove (like Skylake), I would love to do an experiment on which volunteer from the audience. 

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Is that enough to cut the silicon that sticks the processor to IHS?

In my opinion, all processors have since Not soldered (except for devil's canyon that came out especially after the Aswell got very hot with a bad ointment, they are soldered but it's only 4690K and 4790K)

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Yes, I just downloaded from i3-3220 spoiled the cover.

The wheel cut everything without much problem except the initial entry.

From the moment I had a small space to insert it, he cut the glue very easily, in order to insert it I had to create a small space with scalpel.

I was not in the segment of caution or anything since the processor is screwed but the knife I used is sharp at the edge but gets thick very quickly, its thrust seemed to slightly warp (temporarily) the green PCB.

I'll try to look for another processor to practice on, maybe creating the initial spacing with a classic Japanese knife is preferable. 

Another failure is that I did not use a virgin wheel, maybe when it is completely new it can do it.

It'll probably take me another two weeks to get another processor.



By the way, I'm with 4690 and maybe I will do the same, according to foreign publications DC also benefit from replacing the existing material with liquid metal. They are not really soldered but only with material better than haswell. 


post Scriptum. Do you know what sky glue is in the existing black spot after replacing the TIM? 

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Now I've seen imitations of the der8auer tool on Express


Mechanically it is a pretty simple device, don't think there is too much risk of buying imitation, the advantage of this source is that it also comes with a "paste" that helps get the IHS back in place.


By the way, I am debating whether to just replace the ointment, or go direct die, have I seen that for the second option there are "holders" that screw in place of the bracket and hold the processor without the IHS safely, worth investing in such? Or it is better to just replace ointment.


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Quote of yoavke

post Scriptum. Do you know what sky glue is in the existing black spot after replacing the TIM? 


It's silicone resistant,

Looks language:

He uses this paste from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ID8IUJY

/ ref = oh_aui_search_detailpage? ie = UTF8 & psc = 1 & pldnSite = 1

But in the comments, there is one who recommends a "standard" (black) color because he has successfully exercised responsibility for a processor that he has pasted back.

Not as relevant to irresponsible processors, but worth acknowledging.

Edited By Ymac
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