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Quote of daniel2828

What does it mean? Ksp and Ivory have very competitive prices, always before buying it is recommended to compare prices.



In TMS it costs 229 shekels it is strange that the same product costs in KSP and ivory 

349 weighed this a piece of price difference so my question was if it is reliable price on TMS

That a smaller company sells for NIS 229 but sells

And two big companies that sell at NIS 349 but expensive at NIS 121

Should you buy on TMS then?

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Yesterday, I was at Dizengoff Center and was interested in Shumi's cell phone at their brand store (that is, under "Hamilton").


The device cost NIS 1,499.

After a brief examination, it became clear that the device Completely identical, with Hamilton's responsibility, Sold in Ivory (walking about 15 steps away) for NIS 1,349.


Why? So.


Stores have a host of product pricing considerations - sometimes they are "justified" and sometimes they are less - depending on your needs and desires. Your job is to find the deal that pays the most for you as a smart consumer. As mentioned, if in doubt about the exact model, make sure to email or phone them.

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There are other classic examples. I recently purchased New Styles and Video. In the store I asked for a suitable 128GB card. I was amazed to find that they charge NIS 199 for such a ticket across the road Computers sells it for NIS 78. Stunning.

The store from which I bought the camera is also one of a reputable network.

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