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Diagnosing a problem probably on the motherboard - no picture


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good week,

I have a (second) computer with Gigabyte type ga-p55m-ud2.

The computer is used for the Internet and Office and there are no complaints.

A few days ago I started having a problem with the power on, I can't hear the beep from the clipboard after which the picture comes up and the situation stays the same and the screen doesn't turn on.

At first I thought it was a video card problem, I swapped a card with my replacement, moved it to the second video card slot with no success. 


I tried on the advice of a friend to disconnect and reconnect the battery on the motherboard and it also did not help, and finally while playing, what solved the problem, was disconnecting the cable from the power supply that connects to the motherboard (write next to it ATX and PCB) 

The thing is, the problem is very often repeated, if I'm not mistaken, even if the computer is not in a working state and goes into sleep it doesn't wake up and RESTART doesn't solve the problem without disconnecting and reconnecting this cable.


Is the problem on the motherboard and is it actually dying? Because if this is a motherboard problem, it is not something that can be repaired / financially repaired and / or within a warranty.

Maybe somehow it's a lot simpler (hope) and it ends up replacing the battery or something nonsensical .... 



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