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The frenzy begins: PlayStation 4 consoles at the lowest prices


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I do not know what promotions you write here from abroad, although in the country of prices to PRO The same: for example, a bug store is now offering for the Black Friday Battle and Coming PRO 1TB without games, only for 1449 NIS, or in general in Eilat at a price of 1239 NIS, which is more with an official importer warranty Ishpar, which in my opinion if already, it is not fair to compare product prices in the country with an official importer warranty ( That it always micromanages the product), compared to the same products when ordered from abroad. If you are already thinking of ordering from abroad - this automatically means that you care less about the warranty (because it is known that from abroad you do not receive a product warranty as in a local purchase), but more you care about the price, which will be as low as possible, right? This way, you have to compare with products bought in Israel with a warranty no matter what, because then the price will also be cheaper in most cases, and in my opinion it is best to compare with products ordered from abroad. Say, the Black Friday of a bug or store in the country is over, still, the cheapest standard price in the country today for PRO 1TB is about 1400 NIS throughout the country, or about 1270 NIS in Eilat. And if we talk about games, which are offered abroad as a bundle with the, So here too the same story - no problem at all to get these games in Israel in certain stores at "normal" prices, for example the same famous and new game COD, costs only 205 shekels in some stores - not that expensive, right? So make an account, because I did, and in my opinion I do not see any real promotions here from sites abroad, in principle the same prices as here in Israel, but do not forget that when ordering from abroad you have to wait for the product until it arrives, hope it arrives complete and arrives In general, and you also have no responsibility for the product because it comes from abroad, something will happen to the product after two-three-four months, who will you contact ?, abroad ?, when on the other hand when buying in Israel, especially if the price difference is almost non-existent , You still get some local warranty, even if it's unofficial but still a real warranty, think about it. Do not get me wrong, I myself am in favor of certain products bought from abroad, the main thing is the price is as cheap as possible in Israel, if there really is a noticeable difference in price, but in the case of this article - I do not see a real difference between abroad and Israel The PS4. Do not be lazy people, check, make an account, and choose the right path ... Fun shopping :-)

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There is no doubt that the price is good for the basic package that includes 3 games, but not good enough to give up a warranty and an extended warranty for 3 years that can be added in the country. Also keep in mind that it probably comes with an American connection and need to buy adapters for Israeli electricity. Indeed, it is worth ordering the games from Amazon, most of the best games (god of war, horizon zero dawn, uncharted) cost $ 10 and a maximum of $ 20 and if you order over $ 50 the shipping is free and there is no VAT. Compared to prices of 100 to 200 NIS In Israel.

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I did not understand you exactly ... What responsibility are you talking about when ordering a product from abroad and what service? As I wrote in my previous long comment: You bought From Amazon, something less than a year later happened to Yours, how will you act ?, because I just do not know, explain to me ... You will contact them, abroad, and how will the warranty service be provided exactly? It does not seem to me that they will directly send you the same product as a replacement, or that if it can be fixed then what ?, you will send it God, and what about the return shipping fee? In short, I really do not understand how it is possible in this case to exercise warranty of such a product from abroad ... In my opinion it is really better to already have some kind of warranty with us locally ...

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