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Needs board recommendation + processor + memory with acceleration capability


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Out of laziness I opted for automatic acceleration through the Bios (just to make sure everything works), I ran prime and the frequency reaches 4.9 g (in all 😎 But the temperature jumps above 80 ... I will have to accelerate using the old method.

several things:

The clock frequency varies under load, without loading half the cores working at a very low frequency (less than gigabytes if I remember correctly)

Without the computer load needed about 60 watts, full load 260 watts. The processor seems to really need the 200 watts.

I have a problem with the seidon-240? I expected it to move the 200 watts out ...

This goddamn board does not fully support Windows 7! When I place the disks (M2) in RAID0 I cannot install 7 because he does not have a driver. I did not expect it, if I had known I would have taken the older 370. The 10 was installed smoothly without any issues.

Their bios are fucking bad. Not intuitive and diffuse.

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Can't really move forward ...

I tried manual acceleration using the most basic method, raising the multiplier and changing the core voltage. The first one I can do but I can't set the core voltage properly, I didn't find the upper limit option and its manual setting at 1.3 volts causes more than 1.4 at load time. Which beats the heat to over 90.

Another thing that is troubling is the temperature difference between the cores, while at 4.4 Gb the measured temperature is slightly over 70 but one or two cores jump to 90 for a short time. I thought maybe the body Not well reinforced but I also tightened the screws to the end (plus two shoulders to increase the pressure) it did not change.

I searched the web but found no technical specifications for seidon-240, while loading at 4.4 gigabytes consumed close to 150 watts and I do not know if it can disperse them properly.



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  • 2 weeks later ...

This forum seems to be dying ...


Anyway, I decided to switch my current cooling to something a little newer. Two options are available:

-Creak X62 or X53 240mm Water Cooling, $ 130 on Amazon, has been recommended in a number of forums but I find it odd that I can't find his TDP. I still have to find his mechanical sketch to make sure it fits me in the chassis (P182), if not then I have to find something else from the family that fits the chassis.

-Noctua NH-D15 SSO2 Air $ 90. It's a bit strange for me to think about Today's air after the last few years I have only used bWater cooling but the reviews praise it and it has a 250 watt TDP, more than what I need. From my experience with air coolers I know that their assembly is not simple and the cumulative dust cleaning is a nightmare that goes through twice a year. Plus, this monstrous thing (two fans) weighs almost a pound ...


Can anyone recommend something else?

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Thanks. Where did you see it?

What I can't quite grasp is why the coolers don't publish the TDP of the product, it's like advertising a processor without specifying its clock frequency. What I need is a body With a power dissipation of 200 watts, I don't care for twinkling LEDs or controlling the fan over the phone (DA WTF?).

As I wrote I tried to perform manual acceleration by raising the multiplier and changing the core voltage. The first one I manage to perform but I can not set the core voltage properly, I did not find a way to set an upper limit to the voltage or even set it at a fixed value. Its manual at 1.3 volts causes more than 1.4 during loading.which bounces the heat to more than 90.

Right now, with the default processor values ​​at 4.6 gigabytes with a voltage of 1.35 volts (also delusional, that's what you get when you choose BIOS Default ....), I can't run prime without the temperature jumping to 90+ and crashing the computer. Currently at 70-80% CPU load (video conversion) the temperature is 70+ (winter + room without heating + open window ...) and external power meter shows about 140 watts. Which means, in any case, to scrape the 5 I would have to disperse about 200 watts.

Anyway, I would love to recommend a body High quality that can disperse such a vendor (except the $ 101, $ 500 a little expensive for me ...)


Which scares me a little Is its size, a few years ago I got involved with an Arctic cooler that required a complete disassembly of the computer to connect it (actually twice because when the fan was mounted upwards it was not possible to connect the ATX connection ...). Anyway I checked his TDP and it is 220 watts. Okay, but a little borderline.

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The goal in OC is to achieve a balance of frequency versus performance versus reliability and capabilities , Breaking a self-record is nice, but it's not something that will last much, running the transition at a voltage closer to 1.5 won't give it much long-term life. Also if you manage to get in the 1.3-4 OC area to the 4.6-4.8 area I would stay in that area, that little bit more is not really worth it around.


About voltage I do not understand a bit, since BIOS has an option called CPU VOLTAGE and of course change the MODE from AUTO.


הThe Noctua NH-D15 is an excellent option and nothing to fear, I have used it and the previous model (D14) and besides the size that can damage the income of various components or installations, there is really no downside.


What I will do again, buy the best cooling does not mean that it is true, because if you reach 5GHZ OC at the delayed and high voltage, the system will not hold much, and always have to stay within the reliable range and install it of course a few degrees below.

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I invited H. iCUE H100i from Amazon, hope I get it in the next two weeks. According to the reviews, it is considered excellent compared to the price and comes with several years warranty. One water I bought 4 years ago after two years + a week's work (and the responsibility was for two years ...) and my present probably suffers from a pump failure so it's a pretty important parameter.


I agree that the goal does not have to be record breaking (though most overclockers try😀) But reading forums I saw quite a few people reaching a little less than 5 gigabytes at a voltage of 1.35 (and a little ...) with temperatures lower than 80 degrees. True, it shortens the life of the processor, but for my taste it is negligible, at least every 4 years a new technology comes out that requires a new processor and motherboard. For me, if I could get to 4.7 and run a prime hour without errors it would be fine.


In any case I probably have a problem with the board, its bios for fixed voltage (I tried 1.225 for example) is not really stable (the voltage rises at 0.050 under load and with placing the LLC in 7 out of 😎 So the Mashkat shows instability in the fruit.


Sure my cooling is screwed up, putting the processor on 3.5 and running prime bring it to over 70 degrees! This is in winter + room without heating + open window. Anyway I'm going to run the system this summer so I don't really have much choice.

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I invited H. CORSAIR iCUE H100i from Amazon and it is expected to arrive in the next two weeks, I hope this will give me a solution to the warming problem that frustrates me (dearly, 80+ processor with 100 watt power consumption?).

Right now I'm with a system that barely scratches the 4.5, on the other hand, because the computer is only being used for testing right now (I learned a lesson from last time, not dismantling the working system before the new system is ticked) so I allow myself to do nonsense that I wouldn't dare do on my computer .. ..


In the tomshardware forum, I was referred to the acceleration forum , From what I call there my existing system (except for the cooling) is supposed to run at 5 very highly likely, anyway I signed up but have not yet gained access.

In a big way, each panel manufacturer seems to set up groups according to the theme. Quite smart when you look at it, after all, it hardly has to spend resources there, except for one or two technical people, and most of the information is produced and consumed by users. On the other hand, it seems that general forums for acceleration (such as this forum) lose importance. .

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The forums too Or any other manufacturer does not always deliver the goods, which is why a forum like any other platform relies on information sharing, so if a person is able to get somewhere, and he updates step by step this is welcome, most often it is not.


There are also reviews on the boards to help you figure out what to change, to tell you that whatever they tell you will catch one by one in your case? Unfortunately no, that's not how OC always works.

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Short update:

ה The CORSAIR iCUE H100i arrived this week and was assembled today. In terms of cooling it is just as amazing, I run a frame (at maximum settings) at 4.7 gigabytes and the temperature around 60 with fans running at less than 1000 rpm (and all with the original coolant ointment). seidon-240 The processor was already lowering clock frequency ... Out of curiosity, I let Bios optimize acceleration, I got 5.2 gigabytes with 1.4 volts ... The CPU load caused a crash so I didn't keep playing with it but at least I see the direction If I have enough time (and patience) I'm thinking of trying to get the maximum voltage out of 1.35 volts.

At a cost of about NIS 450 (Amazon of course, here it costs NIS 200 more) it is an excellent solution, if it survives for the next four years (the computer is 24/7) it will suffice for me, the seidon-240 will be screwed in less From two years.

The assembly made a movie for me, instead of using the same base mechanics (which did not change from the previous version) they use the mechanics almost Same but because of this incompatibility I had to break down the computer to the elements to assemble the cooling (the base window in the chassis deviates by a few mm from the base position).

The cooling is indeed good but everything around is screwed backwards.

- There are no direct connections to the motherboard as in seidon, where I used only two connections (pump for connecting the first processor fan and two fans with coordination cable for connecting the second processor fan) but a connection to the SATA for power supply and the pump for connections to two fans. WTF? There is a 4 pin connector with one wire (probably) to connect to the processor fan to signify that a fan exists but for some reason it is not working properly because every increment of the computer is jammed with a "CPU fan malfunction" ... I connected one fan Chassis to work around the problem but it's dumb at levels.

- The control / control connection is , Get an 8-pin adapter for In the box, but what, to use it I have to give up one of the pairs On the panel. Something I'm not really going to do so it plugs into the socket external With a cable traveling in and out ... Because the connection is not standard then neither the bios nor the motherboard software see the fans so controlling the temperature / speed profile is a nightmare. The motherboard changes the speed of the chassis fan while the active profile is determined by the control software (screwed but shitty ...) of CORSAIR That connects to the pump / fans via USB.

-Leds. It seems that the main use of the pump is as an atmosphere flashlight, the control software of CORSAIR includes lots of different and different illumination options (hello, folks? The chassis sits next to my knee down and it is closed. What exactly is that supposed to illuminate?) That the first thing I did was cancel them. The ability to control the temperature / speed profile for the pump / fans is almost zero and there are only four options to choose from their ornate interface and this one is buried somewhere inside ... Did I mention that the software is screwed but crappy?


I will try to speed the computer up a little tomorrow, if I can just get to 4.9 simply staying there and that's it, I've been wasting a lot of time and still working with my old system.

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  • 1 month later ...

I reached 4.9 with a constant voltage of 1.3 V and run an hour without errors, the temperature around 70 and not the temperature jumps that were previously due to the reduction of the LLC. On the other hand, the fans work so hard you can actually hear them ...

Maybe with a little more effort I can get to 5GB but it is already starting to become less important, something that strikes me a bit is the differences in temperature / power consumption between the test software and applications running in 100% processor. Simultaneous running of WinRAR (on huge files sitting on RAID0 which is SSD) and DivxConverter (without hardware acceleration) brings me to 100% CPU but the temperature does not exceed 60 (with fans that rotate a little more than the speed is low!) Consumption of computer power less M 185 watts. I ran for close to an hour without any falls.


How important is testing with these test software?


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