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A new home has a telephone jack instead of a network jack

leo vainerman

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Peace :))

נI went into a new home from a contractor I asked in every internet exit room now I see no cable entry 2 tendons are connected to a standard telephone cord and no other 2 tendons are connected. Tell me that you need to buy such an adapter that replaces and adds the extra 2 tendons Is anyone right to deal with this ?? If true what is it called where to buy?


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Quote of Joshua Menachem

From an attempt the cable can be turned into a socket Network, Install a keypad and connect to the two oranges and the two greens according to standard A on both sides. Will work great

I've been working like this for 3 years and I get 90 mega

True, Joshua's solution would probably work without issues except for a speed limit.


The thing is, first of all the contractor probably does not work voluntarily and if it was agreed with him on cable transfer According to the standard between the rooms and this is not done (even if innocently) he should give an account on the matter. (Threading some cables is not a relatively big deal in renovation / construction)


And second of all, why would a person who buys or renovates a property sandal himself in the matter of internet speed when the jump to high speeds is already at the door in the form of fiber optics? I guess the opener of the discussion really does not want to upgrade his infrastructure in the coming years. In every new construction in the country today, it is customary to deploy cat6 cables at least to support speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. 

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The question of what he asked for, and the question of what the contractor understood, and the question of what was written at the end of the day

As one who enters a new apartment a few years ago What is not explicitly stated in the contract


In the apartment, the contractor also made only sockets I converted them to the network outlets above

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