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Now on the Web: 2 Terabyte SSDs at tempting prices


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I do not know what has happened lately with prices abroad ..., or the sites such as , Niue, etc., no longer offer prices who knows what is competitive, or that in Israel they have lowered hardware prices so that it is no longer profitable to buy from abroad ... Okay, by and large, the "standard" prices in Israel for hardware are higher than the prices abroad. To, but do not forget that we have Eilat - and here in my opinion the whole picture changes. In any case, many of us go down to Eilat sometimes, someone from work as a seminar or something like that, someone just to relax, etc., and if we need some hardware or gadgets, then on the way you can buy there, in Eilat. And if you do a little, really a little homework, take and compare overseas prices that are offered to us as "discounts" and "promotions", for the prices of the same hardware items and gadgets in Eilat, you will see that the prices here in Eilat are not much higher than the prices The "promotion" and the "discounts" abroad, and sometimes even the same. In addition, we will add the issue of local warranty, which, no matter how you look at it, will always be better than the warranty from abroad (if there is one), so what to say here: it is not profitable to buy from these prices abroad, when our prices are almost Identical and with local responsibility ... Yes, I agree, it is not in the whole country but only in Eilat, but regarding the frequency of our visits to Eilat I have already written before ... Here are some examples, and it is only for 2TB models, because the article on these volumes, of course Other volumes at good prices here in Eilat as well, such as 1TB, 500GB, etc .: 1. In Ivory so far there is only one drive with a volume of 2TB, the same drive mentioned here in an article that costs about 760 NIS abroad (SAMSUNG 860 QVO), with us in Eilat at Ivory branches it costs 897 NIS, yes it is about 140 NIS more expensive, but do not forget that for these 140 NIS you will receive a local warranty of 3 years. 2. In the KSP branches in Eilat you will find: a. A400 1.92TB with 3 years warranty - 739 NIS b. TRANSCEND SSD230S 2TB with 5 years local warranty - 846 NIS c. MX500 2TB - an excellent and better drive from the BX500 series offered abroad according to this article, with the same local warranty with us for 5 years, you will receive it for 888 NIS d. The same drive that sleeps in Ivory, 860 QVO 2TB, you will also find in KSP branches in Eilat at the same price as Ivory and with the same warranty for 3 years - 897 NIS again I will mention, I am not against shopping from abroad, the opposite is in favor, but if there is definitely a significant difference in prices, The latter according to all these "deals" from abroad I just do not see this considerable difference in price, and do not consider it profitable to buy from abroad. And I do not do any advertisement for Ivory or KSP, I was just more comfortable and faster to display the prices they have to offer, of course there may be more hardware stores and gadgets in Eilat that also offer good prices, as I wrote earlier - a little homework anyone can, This is not a problem to find. I myself am now interested in buying a 2.5 "drive With a volume of 2TB, and in the meantime I do not see any more advantageous price from abroad than with us in Eilat, if I already buy such a drive (or does not matter, any item that can be compared at a price from abroad) at a price close to 1000 NIS , I prefer if necessary, to pay the extra 100-150 NIS, but to know that I bought it in Israel and with a local warranty, and what else - 5 years warranty. And this very weekend I will be in Eilat, and I will buy myself the good and excellent drive (which I have many years of experience with) MX500 2TB at a price of 888 NIS. So do your homework, and fix what pays off the most and where it pays off the most.

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Jonathan Mendelssohn - The appeal is to you: of course thank you very much for your efforts, that you search for and find all kinds of interesting prices for this or that hardware across the web from sites abroad, and thank you for trying to help our people here in Israel buy more lucrative, but if You're already trying to help, so help if you can to the end. In other words, at least mention in your articles the matter of Eilat prices with us, if you have found those who are quite good in relation to foreign prices and perhaps also more profitable and even worthwhile. Because again, let's not forget that for many people the issue of local responsibility is also important. There is no need to go into too much detail in articles about Eilat prices, etc., just a small reminder of a line or two (the rest will be done alone), that people will "open" their eyes and buy what is really most profitable for them and where it is most profitable. And so you too will help people even more, and you will receive more thanks and sympathy from the people (-:

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The premise regarding Eilat is too comprehensive and inaccurate. Not everyone comes to Eilat as often or at a time when they need something. Sending someone to buy for you may be a small logistical operation (and even if you do not always have the product in stock then you need to plan the purchase in advance to coordinate delivery - again small logistics) when an order from the network reaches you at home / office with a few clicks without tarting others . And yet there are sometimes significant enough price differences. Sometimes there is no and sometimes a little rarer in the country even cheaper, so each case on its own.


The responsibility in the country is not always worth anything, especially on products that are prone to calamities like drives . The country has a definite tendency (of importers, who are the guarantors from the moment the deal is closed in the store and probably after the packaging is opened. Although it is important to note that there are also some who are in order and do their job faithfully but it is still a bit of a gamble) to renounce responsibility and then in any case should contact the manufacturer so that nothing is spared. Some products have a local responsibility that is relevant to them, or at the very least is the more pragmatic option in terms of risk management (for example: an expensive product that will fail when no warranty is required to buy a new product or a costly repair), and there are less.

Prices in the country did go down (and regardless of the year, there were no particularly interesting deals on drives , Probably not 2TB), at least on some components, and it also has to do with overseas shopping.


I'm pretty sure most people who plan to buy some product overseas as part of some Or just act like a wise consumer and compare prices with other relevant stores abroad, in the country and even with the price history of the same product in Amazon, and then make the best decision for him according to his needs and considerations. Some are looking to save every penny, some are important immediate availability To him more, there are those who prefer local responsibility, there are those who borrow more / less relevant to him and so on.

So there is no right or wrong here, there are circumstances and preferences here.

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At such sizes, the M2 configuration will be more cost effective and the PCIE connection will be faster than SATA. The 2.5-inch configuration is only for computers that require a SATA connection. For all newcomers, only M2; Some laptops already have 2 M2 mounts, and it's unfortunate that this is not common yet, because the space they take up is barely half of a 2.5-inch disk (which again says the configuration of the connection is idiotic which is not like RAM? I said again).

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