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Are 4-core processors still relevant today? An interesting comparison


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I know I'd better shut up, but I'm still playing around with the i5 3450 and 1060 GTX on a 1200p / 60hz screen. I'm dying to upgrade, but can't really find a reason why yet. The computer refuses to lag and games are still running in high settings reasonably and more. I have no idea what I will do with an 8-core processor, let alone a 12 and 16. And if I'm already upgrading then I should have already replaced the screen, but my 5 year old has completely turned around. I guess the upgrade will wait for the next generation of consoles, with the games not built for disabled hardware. 

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Shawarma, the truth is that basically I also have a hard time believing that up-to-date games work with a system like yours on high settings.

But I guess probably like me, you're playing a little older games.

Even so, I do think the 3450 processor is about a reasonable partner for the GTX 1060-3gb.

Anyway, we go back to the point where the screen is the bottleneck, if I had bought the qhd @ 144hz I wanted on Black Friday, it would have cost me at least 10,000 NIS, it would have come out pretty red Friday ... 


As for Moon-Mage, when I read the test I already linked to (see below) I get a strong feeling that if you had a 25% more powerful processor like 6600K on 4.5 (for the 6500 association) you would not have had to replace a system in honor of BL3.

 4 cores at 4 GHz should not limit you, even at minimum FPS when the architecture is similar to 6500 except for a substantial difference in memory bandwidth. 


By and large, everything djelectric said pretty much sums it up.


Update me when there is a new processor that knew how to produce quick thumbnails for heic and I ran to buy, because right now it's the hardest task for my computer, feels like a 386 trying to load JPEG from a disk, loading line by line. 










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What do you really want to say about this test?


That if you take a processor from 2015 and crush it to the strongest card that came out in 2019 with resource-loving games written for 2019 hardware, then the processor might be a bit limp?


What's the innovation here?


On the other hand, I'm with a 4C / 8T processor that came out in 2013 or 2014 (4790k) and don't feel the need to upgrade. My uses do not include gaming but it seems to me that with any intermediate card you can play with it without a problem.


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Pit and the book - this shows that 4-core processors nowadays constitute a bottleneck in quite a few cases, with 8-core processors no matter when the processor is used. simple.


From this, for example, I conclude that nowadays it is very advisable not to go over 4/8 processors anymore because I believe that a similar thing will soon happen to these processors (multicore entering the mainstream, in the not too distant future there will be more software and games to take advantage of it, which means that in the future, not too far away 4/8 cores would probably constitute a bottleneck).


In my personal opinion, buying less than 6/12 cores today, especially when there is a floor price, is a mistake (and of course I do not include LITE computers such as those that go to offices, etc., but computers for users a little "heavier" than most of us here, and so).

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If after such a short time that 6-core processors entered the mainstream we reached 25% of users have 6+ cores then the situation is fine.

Do not forget that about 50% of the computers sold are And that's where the 6-core supply is smaller and more expensive. 


QHD will never be mainstream, at one point or another the market will be flooded with screens Cheap then it will go mainstream (with or without proper video card support) 








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What it looks like is QHD 144Hz yes it will become mainstream first and also it will take a particularly long time to consider high refresh rate and the 4K 60Hz screens no longer really make sense to purchase at least not those who are used to playing with a high refresh rate since the 4K 144Hz entered at all will tear the pocket together Who will deliver the goods.

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  • 2 weeks later ...
Quote of nec_000

I am dying to see a blind test of experimenters, young people with good eyesight,

Who are able to notice its performance as opposed to just say screen 240hz .....

And still succeed in the test with statistical significance.

In the meantime, have the following videos ...
first round

Second round (after the feedbacks to the first video here it brought a more interesting selection of people and a wider range of tests).

I guess in the future we will see the third round with 360Hz ...

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