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Needs a recommendation for the package


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Quote by forumate

Thanks! How do you see it on the face? I just want to know even before I buy another case :)

I do not recommend That all the front part that is blocked with a huge piece of plastic, it blocks the flow of air.
If there are enough slots on the sides or up and down it may be fine but in this case the 2 slots don't seem to be enough.



Quote by forumate

In the meantime, I'll probably go for the Cougar mx330-g. Does he look good in your opinion? Bali to know what others think of the design


In my opinion it looks not bad for a shekel that costs NIS 160, it is also not built at all given the very cheap price.

Keep in mind 2 things, the chassis space is relatively narrower than other chassis so if you have one High check that he enters.

The other, it seems to me that it only comes with one rear fan, will add at least one fan up front and even better one up front or up.

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Thank you! 


Quote of NAND

I can see it becoming a trend to block the vents up front, probably to give the chassis a better look. 

And that probably really hurt the airflow, though personally I can attest that the temperatures were completely atCorsair 275R. 


And what if I put in front fans, 3 from the top like this: 2 front airs, and the third (the one closest to the rear fan) takes out air, along with the rear

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