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012 and hidden charges

Ron 88

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I signed up for another subscription at 012 and at the time of shipment the number was not written NIS 49 courier delivery. It's really annoying because only at the time of receipt did I realize that there was an extra charge


I contacted them several times by email and at Assams and they said they would come back to me but for now no one came back to me.


Anyone know any difficulty with the company like this or that?

It's important for me to bring it up here that people knew

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I was with them and very disappointed.


I was on a 40 mega track. The Internet has been skipping 4-5 megabytes instead of 40 in no time. They said it was because Or because of Or for a thousand reasons.

Even in terms of service times, I was not satisfied - 40-50 minutes.

The same goes for (Who have been referred to me for testing every year).


I switched to another company that provides me with a 100 mega carrier + infrastructure for a lower price than I would pay for the 40 mega and I surf for 80 mega (wonder and wonder despite all the 012 claims).

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He was referring to Cellular's 012 (which is Orange's low-cost brand, meaning Partner .. 3 names, same company) ....

And it sounds strange that you did not see the price of the delivery .. I remember recently I also wanted to order from them, and it was either regular delivery for free (or for a small amount, do not remember), or more expensive fast delivery, or buy instead at yellow branches for about 30 shekels .. In any case, when you choose the type of shipment, it probably appears next to its price ...


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Quote by fab2244

law89 Hey, 

Can you tell which company, infrastructure and supplier you have moved to? I'm keen on provider 012 and with the same problem.





I switched to 018 provider + infrastructure.


Pays order of NIS 40 + NIS 5 on the router.

Disadvantage: I have to renew the program every 3 months and the renewal fee is 30 NIS. In addition they send a message about a month before the program ends, and then you call them and they say it can be renewed about a week before the termination. It happened to me that I forgot and they charged me for the part Relative (NIS 100 monthly double the number of days out of the month I did not renew).


In terms of waiting times: much faster than the 012 and Bezeq.

On the other hand, if you make the supplier in front of you you cannot call Bezeq. I should note that when I left And 012 called me from Bezeq and said they prioritize their customers if 018s call out (interesting if it's legal) and praise their customer service and say it's not worth leaving etc.

I told her that if I have to wait 40-50 minutes, then this is not a good service.

She answered: But how's the service after they answer?

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Quote by law89

Pays order of NIS 40 + NIS 5 on the router.

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you are sane? Dabbling in this nonsense every 3 months to save a few bucks instead of finding a normal company with a fixed price that doesn't change?

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Quote of QttP

you are sane? Dabbling in this nonsense every 3 months to save a few bucks instead of finding a normal company with a fixed price that doesn't change?


They have a fixed price (I think 70 NIS).

I paid over NIS 100 a month for 40 MB and received 100 MB instead of NIS 40.

For me it's great.


And they answer very quickly by phone, so if you put a reminder, the investment is 5-10 minutes once every 3 months.

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